Act 3

By-Milorad Jovanov

The fight

While Mercutio and Benvolio where doing nothing Tybolt came to approach them to find Romeo. This upsets Mercutio and he starts to tell Tybolt to fight him instead, because he already knows when he finds Romeo he is going to try an kill him. In the end Romeo is found and Mercutio throws Tybolt off of Romeo and later gets stabbed by Tybolt. While dying he says a pledge on both your houses

A tragity

A real turning point in the story is when Marcutio died because it causes a lot of other events to take part because of the fact Romeo killed Tybolt for Marcutio. That is the turning point



I Think the movie did a good job of explaining what was going on. The only thing I felt could have been better was the way Juliet and Romeos family looked, they didn't look rich


Have you ever been up all nigh trying to do a homework assignment and you get hungry and you have nothing to eat. Well your trobles are over with the new product called short-cake.