Lucas Cupp

Italy $$$🎥 🎥 🎥 🎥

airfare cost and schedule

Travel from Denver to Chicago and then to Rome Italy

Cost for two passengers: $2,676.40

Total cost per person-$1339

So overall cost for flight travel is $2,676.40

I'm saving about $100 for food at the airports for when I stop in Chicago's airport it'll be about a 12hr layover.


I will be staying at the Stars-hotels Metropole hotel. It is a 4 star hotel that is $322 a night. I choose KAYAK to book the hotel because it had the same price as the other sites, I didn't find a cheaper website. The Metropole hotel includes breakfast witch people say is very good, that also gives me one less meal to worry about when I'm in Rome.,Italy-c25465/2014-04-16/2014-04-30/2guests?force=remaining&clienttimeout=true&streamerr=27500+timeout+expired


Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

I have been pick pocketed by one of the hooligans down in the train station by the colosseum. The gypsies down there out number the vacationists greatly. I had my luggage waiting for a train, next thing you know one of my smaller bags is gone. I looked around for it until a local said more than likely I was pick pocketed! Good thing I had nothing to speacial in that bag just some socks and underwear but i could by those at a store somewhere.


Overall it was a really fun trip. I enjoyed seeing the colosseum and all of the other attractions I saw! Besides the fact of being pick pocketed I problem solved and bought some new clothes. The italian locals are real nice and the food is good.