Ulysses S. Grant

Your Future President

Do You Remember the Civil War

Ulysses S grant was the general that won the north the war with style, but with sophistication and class. He did not destroy southern towns for pure pleasure he simply wanted to regain and unite our country again.

Home Life and family

On August 28th, 1848 Ulysses S. Grant married his beautiful wife Julia. Together they have four beautiful and playful children 3 boys and 1 girl. Grant was born in Point Pleasant Ohio, and his wife was born in Missouri.

Some more interesting facts about Grant

Mr. Grant and Mr. Lincoln

These great men were good friends during and very shortly after the war ending very abruptly when president Lincoln was assassinated. Sadley Mr. Grant was not at the theater that fateful night when Lincoln was assassinated; he was invited but could not attend due to the fact that they were visiting family in New Jersey. He is fixated on the fact that he could have stopped Booth from pulling the trigger.


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