Cherry valance

Is cherry ok about bobs death

Cherry lives with pony but she is still haunted by bobs death when johnny killed him for drowning pony. Cherry is married to pony and is asking people and blogging be to ask for therapy for bobs death.

What is cherry doing?

Cherry is blogging when she recently married ponyboy.. When pony always asked why did they get married since pony is a greaser and cherry is a soc she always says "its not about the stuff we have you guys are more sensitive and they always get drunk and they have grease on their hair and they have social clubs". But cherry asks people what can she do with pony about thinking why did they get married.

What socs have

Asked questions about cherry

Person: Does it feel weird that you are dating a greaser instead of a soc? Cherry: No I feel it shouldnt seperate anyone about if someone likes someone but there different. Person: How do you feel about ponyboy being a hero of saving those kids? Cherry: I think that its great that he saved those kids even they killed bob but the kids were worth saving.