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February 6, 2017

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How will parents be able to check out the talent show?

You can use this link to watch the talent show.

Thursday's Talent Show will be recorded and then put on the Franklin Website.
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What's DDR?

Dance Dance Revolution (or DDR) is a PS2 video game that involves the player watching arrows scrolling upward from the bottom of the screen and passing over a set of stationary arrows near the top of the screen. By listening to music and watching the screen, players need to tap the corresponding arrows with their feet to the beat. They are scored on how accurately they tap the arrow to the beat. Benefits of DDR in physical education include balance, coordination, positive encouragement, cooperation, cardiovascular endurance, recognizing tempo and rhythm.

Students will be using DDR for the next few weeks in PE.

What's important for Science Fair and Interest Fair participants and parents to know about the upcoming fair?

  • The fair is quickly approaching, hopefully you've started working on the project. If not, it is not too late! Get started now!!!
  • The Science and Interest Fair will be held on Thursday, March 2 in the lower gym. Students will be able to set up their projects between 7:40 -8:10
  • Public Viewing will be 2:40-3:15 and the Awards Ceremony will be at 3:15. All projects will be taken down after the ceremony.
  • Science and Interest Fair boards are available for purchase in Mrs. Kopischke's room for $2.50.
  • All participating students will attend an informational meeting to go over fair details as it gets closer. Look for an informational sheet to come home the week of February 13th.
  • If you have any questions, please ask! Mrs Kopischke - or Mrs. Fugazzi -

What is the MSUM play about?

The Minnesota State University, Mankato, Department of Theatre & Dance will present The Stolen Wind at Franklin on Tuesday, February 7. Thank you to our generous PTO for funding this performance.

About the show: Daisy Jones and her pirate crew travel the seven seas looking for lost treasure to help those in need. In the midst of one of their treasure hunts they find that the wind has been stolen, and they are unable to sail their ship. In order to get back the wind, they will have to find the wind thief and battle a few monsters along the way.

The show always runs 40-45 minutes, with optional Q&A with the cast afterward.

How can we foster wellness in our students?

We want to work with you to foster wellness in our children. We have committed staff that will be alert to the issues our students bring to us. We want you to know that in each of our buildings we have school nurses, school counselors, school psychologists, and school social workers along with our teachers, administrators and staff that will be available to our students to process their concerns. Open communication between home and school is critical to the well-being of our students.

In our schools, we work daily to help students deal with the stresses they face. Parents are our partners in helping their children learn to face challenges successfully, whether it is the stresses of everyday life, such as academic difficulties or problems with friends, or severe adversity, such as a serious illness or family crisis.

The National Association of School Psychologists recommends the following to build resiliency:

  1. Think positive! Modeling positive attitudes and emotions is very important. Children need to hear adults thinking out loud positively and being determined to persist until a goal is achieved. Using a “can do” problem-solving approach to problems teaches children a sense of power and promise.
  2. Express love and gratitude! Emotions such as love and gratitude increase resiliency. Children who are cared for, loved, and supported learn to express positive emotions to others. Positive emotions buffer kids against depression and other negative reactions to adversity.
  3. Express yourself! Resilient people appropriately express all emotions, even negative ones. Adults who help kids become more aware of emotions, label emotions appropriately, and help children deal with upsetting events are giving them useful life skills.
  4. Get fit! Good physical health prepares the body and mind to be more resilient. Healthy eating habits, regular exercise and adequate sleep protect kids against the stress of tough situations. Regular exercise also decreases negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, and depression.
  5. Foster competency! Making sure that children achieve academically is great protection against adversity. Also, children who develop individual talents are much more likely to feel competent and are able to deal with stress positively. Working together we can help children see their strengths.

Protecting our children against all of life’s unexpected painful events is not possible. Giving them a sense of competency and the skills to face adverse circumstances can be a valuable gift to our children. Resiliency can be built by understanding these important foundations. The more we practice these approaches; the better able our children will be to weather whatever life brings.

How can parents help with traffic?

When dropping off your students, or picking them up at the beginning of the day, we ask that you use the idea of STOP, DROP & ROLL.

  1. Stop the car
  2. Drop your child off (or pick them up)
  3. Roll on to allow others to do the same for their child

The goal is to minimize the amount of time that any one car is stopped in front of the school so we can maximize the opportunity for others to drop off or pick up students.

If you want your child to wait in the car with you, or you need to leave your car to be able to go into the building, please use the parking spaces along Adams street.

To reduce the number of cars in front of the building, talk with you child about picking them up along Lime street, or on Broad Street where it intersects with Lime. These are often unused areas and can be very convenient.

Dates to Remember

Tuesday, February 7 MSUM Play

Thursday, February 9 PTO Meeting at 6:30 in media center

Tuesday, February 14 Two Hour Late Start

Thursday, March 2 Interest & Science Fair

Thursday, March 9 PTO Meeting at 6:30 in media center

Friday, March 10 No School

Tuesday, March 14 Two Hour Late Start

Thursday, March 16 Parent-Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, March 21 Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thursday, March 23 Parent-Teacher Conferences

Friday, March 24 No School

Monday, March 27 No School

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