Pass It On

By Sharing Love I Become Love <3

Your Experiences

Going the extra mile for someone is not easy; it takes energy, time, and work. Yet, there are few times one regrets going that extra mile. By helping others you show them that they are valuable and you feel valuable too. It does not have to be a big thing, even just a word of encouragement can make someone's day. Share your experiences here and tell others to pass it on.

My Experiences

Nothing in this world gives me greater joy than helping others, taking the time to show I care. When I am down, looking inward at my own needs and brokenness, I stay down, never feeling better after a self pity party. Yet, when I look outward, intentionally seeking to meet other people’s needs and going out of my way to make them feel loved and special, that is when I begin to have healing. Here are some of the things I have done...

What Are You Going to Do?