Equality for Women

By: Stephanie Vigil

Historical background

Date: nineteenth century

Leaders: Suffragists and John Stuart Mill (bill to have the same rights)

People value this topic because back then Women didn't have rights and they struggled to get their rights and now Women can vote.

Impacts within Great Britain during the Industrial Rev.

  • Social- Local women's suffrage societies formed the National Union of Women's suffrage societies
  • Economic- Many Women in full time employment
  • Political- Several bills in favor of Women's suffrage gained considerable support in Parllament though not enough to pass

Impacts ON the World during the Industrial Rev.

  • Social- It gave women the right to work but with little pay compared to men
  • Economic- Women can vote
  • Political- Women started making organizations towards work labor and how it was unfair that they got paid less than men and they they work long hours

Modern Day Counterpart

  • What is it? Women get paid the same as men and have the right to vote, even though they still take care of kids, Women work.
  • It relates to my topic because of how women protesting and how they have their rights