Mr. Hadley's Literacy newsletter

Reading beyond the primary grades.

How can your child be encouraged to read for liteary purposes?

The majority of reading instruction is done in class. However, my goal if for the children to develop confidence so they can independently select what kind of books they read.

There are several things that can be done at home to help your child with this.

1. Have your children read 15 minutes a night.

Reading at home always helps children develop literacy. By reading at least 15 minutes a night you child will grow in their reading abilities that will help them in school.

2. Expand the genres your child reads

One thing to do with your child is make a genre wheel. A genre wheel is a chart that your child uses to chart out what kind of books they've read. They can use these wheels to rate their enjoyment of different genres and reflect on what they liked about them. From there you can select different books that you child would be interested in based on what they enjoyed.

3. Help your child learn to read visual images.

Lots of both fiction and non-fiction books have pictures in them. We've used a strategy called picture walks where we look at the pictures before we start reading and use those to get an idea of what we're about to read is about. Helping your children practice this at home will help them learn how to use visual cues to better understand what they're reading. You could make a game out of it. Look at the pictures in a chapter, guess what you think is going on in that picture, and after you've read the chapter go back to the picture and see who was guess was closest.

Reading is always going to be an important part of school, and the better a child can read, the easier reading to learn, and school in general, will be for them. As always I recommend using the Wichita Public Library for easy access to books because as I always say, "having fun isn't hard when you have a library card."

Thank you for taking an interest in your child's education and as always if you have any concerns or questions feel free to contact me at

Keep Reading,

Mr. Hadley