By Katelyn Ramold

Tile and Date

Incantation, originally published in 2006


- From a New York Times Bestselling author Alice Hoffman.
- An Entertainment Weekly "Books We Loved This Year"
- Winner of the 2008 Massachusetts Book Award
- A Winter 2006-2007 Book sense Children's Pick
- An ALA best book of young adults 2007
- A publishers weekly Best Book of the Year
- A Seattle Times Best Book for Kids and Teens.
- A Chicago Tribune Best Book for Kids and Teens
- A Historical Novels Review Editor's Choice Book
- An Association of Jewish Liberates Teen Honor Book
- An NYPL Book for the Teen Age.
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"Burn me. Drown me. Tell me lies. I will still be who I am" Chapter 1 page 3- Estella doesn't care what will happen to her, she will stay true to who she really is.
"Now we both have people we love who are like birds. They have flown far from anything in this world that can hurt them. They're flying away still." Chapter 10 page 164- The doctor said this about his wife and about Estella's grandpa, mother, and brother. How they will be safe now.
"I thought I knew the world. I thought I knew myself. I thought I knew my dearest friend. But I knew nothing at all." Before Chapter 1- This was when she found out she was a Jew and her friend seemed like somebody else and not her true friend. She found out that she was living a double life and she wasn't who she thought she was.
"But a book is a book. Pages are pages. Hawks are hawks. Doves are doves. Hatred is always...."- When they burned her brother and mother she found out the hate that people had.

Main Conflict

Estrella and her family are really Jews pretending to be Christians during the Spanish inquisition. If anybody finds out her family will be punished or killed.
Resolution- Her friend, Catalina, told the soldiers how their family does things differently then they do. The guards kill Estrella's grandpa and burn her brother and mother. Estrella and her grandma end up escaping to Amsterdam.

Details That Made Story Interesting

Chapter 9 page 156
When they burned the Jews that were pretending to be Christians. Fifty people were set on fire. Many people screaming and crying. People ran and tried to get their loved ones and when they did they were struck down, some killed, bleeding, their heads opened up on the cobblestones. The fire was out of control and people were choking on the smoke. Then Estrella saw her brother burning with his eyes open looking at her when the flames rose and he was gone.

Historical References

- Witchcraft- They thought that Estella's mother was a witch because she could make people feel better. It was noticed when she was taking care of the doctor's wife.
- Spanish Inquisition-Involved torture of the Jews and the Catholic Church.
- Spain 1500- The time they lived.


I give this book a 4. This book will make you want to know what will happen in the end. Will they survive? Will anybody find out? or what will they do if anybody finds out?