Susan B. Anthony

Learn about Susan B. Anthony


Susan B. Anthony was born on February 15 1820 and died on March 13, 1906.She died of a heart disease


She was raised in a Quaker.She developed moral compass at a very young age.She was the second oldest child in the household.She was a daughter of a cotton mill owner and his wife.She had to move many times because of her dads business fails.


She was very well educated.She was teacher meaning she had to have a good education


She had about 7 main family members.About 5 brothers and sisters combined.She was the second oldest child.Her dad was a cotton mill owner with his wife


She was a teacher and a civil right activist.When she was a civil rights activist she lectured for her gender because she thought her gender was equal to men's rights.In 1869 she made the N.W.S.A. .Then sided with the N.A.W.S.A in 1890.In 1872 she led a group of woman to see if there rights they got worked but did not. Susan refused to pay the charges.


One of Susan's accomplishments was that she helped get the rights they needed.Also that women got control of property and wages.