Gustavus ii Adolphus

a great swede

his life

Gustavus was born December 9 1594 at Stockholm, Sweden and died November 6 1632 by war at Lutzen,Saxony(now Germany). Gustavus became king in 1611. His father died in October 1611 and Gustavus came king.

his family


  • Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg


  • Christina,
  • Queen of Sweden,
  • Gustav of Vasaborg


  • Charles IX of Sweden,
  • Christina of Holstein-Gottorp


Gustavus has layed a foundation, conquer country, and when to many wars that are important to European history

5 epic facts of Gustavus ii adolphus

  • he was the eldest son of Charles IX of Sweden and Christina of Holstein-Gottorp.
  • At 9 Gustavus was introduced into public life, and at 13 he was receiving petitions.
  • At 15 he began to administer his duchy of Västmanland and opened the Riksdag at Örebro in his father's absence.
  • On Aug. 15, 1609, he made his first speech to the Estates when he dismissed them after a stormy session, for his father was incapacitated by a stroke from which he never completely recovered.
  • Gustavus's life was cut short when he stood at the height of his success.

problems of Gustavus ii Adolphus

he was forced to concede certain powers to the Council and the Estates

after is death

Saturday, April 22nd 1634 at 12am

Riddarholmen Church, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Stockholms län

this is when and where gustavus was baried
Swedish National Anthem - "Du Gamla, Du Fria" (SV/EN)


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