Life Proof Cases

Chase Weber

Lifeproof- Fre Features

  • Features
  • Its Water Proof
  • Sturdy
  • Retina protection

Lifeproof- Fre Benefits


  • Can drop in water
  • Can withstand drops up to 20-25 ft
  • You can take pictures and video in HD

Where could you find life proof cases?

Where could you find life proof cases?

  • Best Buy

  • Walmart


Price? 71.99$

Walmart- 65$

Best buy- 61.99$

How Does My Case Compete

My case is not some off brand case that you find at a Gas station the Lifeproof fre is a case for active and clumsy people that drop their. Phone the reason our sales sky rocket out of the roof is because of our technology that keeps phones protected from mud, snow and water. Now how could our product not compete. Lastly our product is relatively cheap for a case but for all the features included in the case make the price worth it rather pay 60-70 dollars rather 100-200 on a new phone

History Of The product

The first product of LifeProof case is the LifeProof Fre which is the product that i am researching. Second is the LifeProof Nuud which does not have a Procter over the screen but still guarantee the the protection of the whole phone. This case also concludes a new feature a protecter for the home button but can also used for the fingerprint feature. Life proof was founded in 2009 and was adopted by OtterBox in 2013.

Future of Product

The future of LifeProof Cases are the Fre Powers. Pre-ordering for the LifeProof fre Power May,14 2015. The new gadgets of this new and improved product is it has double the amount of power to the Iphone 6.

Is My Product a Market Leader Or A follower?

believe that the LifeProof is a leader type of company.I believe this company leads because we took a step to make the leading case that is water, mud, snow and full proof from disaster. And now all the companies want to copy:)

How Do I Attempt To increase Sales? How Will I Contact My Costumers

To increases the sales for these cases because they are relatively expensive so to boost the sales I would use buy one case get 35% off LifeProof Fre.

To keep in contact with my customers I would have them sign up for a protection contract and have them leave their information.

What Would I change about my 4 P's

I would change the place of the production of the LifeProof cases. Because I would like to enlarge the mass production of the cases because the future of LifeProof is going to be very large.