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April 2019 Parent Newsletter


Dear PT Families,

Spring is finally here!!!! I was beginning to wonder if we were ever going to get there! With spring comes state and end of year testing. For K-2, we will be taking iReady Diagnostic assessments for both ELA and math. Students in grades 3-5 will also be taking the MAP (Missouri Assessment Program) Tests in ELA and math in addition to the iReady tests. Grade 5 will also test in science. There are some things that you can do to help prepare them for the testing when the dates get closer:

1. Make sure your child gets an ample, normal amount of sleep the night before the test 2. Mark testing days on your calendar to help remind you and your child when the testing will take place and plan your preparations. 3. The student should eat a nutritious and filling breakfast. Avoid high sugar cereals which can make the student hyper and/or unfocused. 4. Make sure the student is on time (if not early) on the day of testing.

Some students do get anxious prior to testing. As their parent: 1. Try not to put too much pressure on the student. Reinforce that as long as they work hard in preparation and do their absolute best you will be proud of them. 2. Have the child visualize success. Encourage them to rehearse what it will feel like to get a good score on the test. 3. Work with them to focus on breathing. Stress is often caused by insufficient oxygen to the brain. Work with the student to take time before the test begins to take a number of deep, cleansing breaths, exhaling slowly. Focusing on breathing when stress levels rise helps to focus the mind during testing. 4. Plan a fun outing or treat for your child after the test has been completed.

Thanks for your support this year as we move to the final weeks! Together we can create the school we ALL want for our kids!

Scott Salmons


Summer school registration forms have been sent home with your child. If you are interested in your child attending summer school, please complete and return the registration forms by Friday, April 5, 2019. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!
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Kindergarten Enrollment for 2019-2020 is Open NOW!!

Click on the button below to find information about the enrollment process. Thanks so much!!
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JCPS Preschool 2019-2020

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Accountable is our character trait for April. Please discuss with your child the importance of being able to justify or explain his/her words and actions.


Kathy Haselhorst - Reading Specialist

I have been in Education for 25 years, after graduating with my Masters from NMSU , now Truman State University. I started my career as a third and fourth grade classroom teacher with the Jefferson City Catholic Diocese. I then became a Title I Interventionist with Blue Hills Corporation. A few years later I joined the Reading Recovery Team with JCPS in 2005. I am now a Reading Specialist at Pioneer Trail. Children are my life! I am blessed with my husband, John; four children, Nikki, JJ (and wife Lindsey), Jason and Toni; and two grandchildren, Grayson and Emerson! I am the Taos Clovers 4H Club co-leader, spending lots of time at Shooting Sports Events and with animal projects; a full-time baseball / football /volleyball mom; farmer's wife; and active Grandma! I love activities involving my children and grandchildren, and enjoy watching all kids learn and grow.

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April 1...PTO Meeting @6:30 pm

April 4...3rd Grade Field Trip

April 8...BOE Meeting

April 12...Mid-Terms Sent Home

April 12...PTO Carnival

April 15...3rd Grade MAP ELA Testing

April 16...3rd Grade MAP ELA Testing

April 16...1st Grade Field Trip

April 17...3rd Grade MAP Math Testing

April 18...3rd Grade MAP Math Testing

April 19...3 hour early release (12:05pm)

April 22...4th Grade MAP ELA Testing

April 23...4th Grade MAP ELA Testing

April 23...3rd Grade Concert @ 6:00

April 24...4th Grade MAP ELA/Math Testing

April 25...4th Grade MAP Math Testing

April 26...4th Grade MAP Math Testing

April 29...5th Grade MAP ELA Testing

April 30...5th Grade MAP ELA Testing

May 1...5th Grade MAP Math Testing

May 2...5th Grade MAP Math Testing

May 2...Kindergarten Open House 5:30-7:00pm

May 3...5th Grade Thomas Jefferson Middle School Visit 8:30-10:00am

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Difference Makers are those who go above and beyond to serve our students, staff, and schools. We need your help in identifying those individuals, teams, or groups who have made a difference in our district. Please use the button below to share your Difference Maker's story. We are specifically looking for Difference Makers tied to the JCPS organizational pillars: Learning, Partnerships, and Stewardship.

While we will thank all who are nominated, some will be recognized monthly at the Board of Education meeting.


  • BBBRRRRRR.....cold weather is here!! Students will go outside each day that the "feels like" temperature is 20 degrees or above, so please make sure they come to school with their coats, hats, and gloves. Thanks so much!!!
  • To ensure the safety of our students, we will always follow the set routine for your child to go home from Pioneer Trail unless we have a note or phone call from you. Please call no later than 2:30 pm.
  • If your child will be absent, please notify the office as soon as possible at 632-3400.
  • When dropping your child off in the morning, please remain in your vehicle. If you need to exit your vehicle, please pull into a parking space so that the flow of traffic is not disrupted.
  • If you are dropping your child off after 8:15, please walk them inside and sign them in.


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The mission of Pioneer Trail is to create a community where all members work to their maximum potential, display positive character, and engage in a high-quality learning experience.


Pioneer Trail Elementary will foster a community of students, parents, and staff dedicated to the development of every individual’s ability to learn. Staff and parents will expect each student to achieve at his or her maximum potential, both academically and behaviorally. As a community, we promote a safe, supportive environment that encourages curiosity, inquiry, and a life-long passion for learning.

We Believe that learning is a continuous process that builds from year to year with a rigorous curriculum that focuses on state standards.

We Believe that students should be engaged in the learning process and be accountable for their learning.

We Believe that character traits should be an important focus and help support a cheerful, productive, and safe school environment.

We Believe that collaboration among all stakeholders is vital to helping students achieve success.

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