The westward expansion

Don't you want to move?

Reasons to move out west you would strike rich! You can start over there are plenty of food there's beautiful land and plenty of GOLD!

Louisiana purchase

It was bought in 1803 by or third president Thomas Jefferson from France, this large territory doubled the size of the u.s. This territory is great for farming and workers are also needed to help build the transcontinental railroad and supply stores.

The Mexican Cession

The Mexican Cession of 1848 is a historical name in the united states for the region of the modern day southwestern united states that Mexico ceded to the u.s.

It is also good land for farming and there is GOLD!

the gadsen purchase

the gadsen purchase is a 29,640-square-mile region of present-day southern Arizona and soutwestern new mexico that was purchased by the united states in a treaty signed on december 30,1853 by james gadsden who was the american ambassador to mexico at that time. it was then ratified,with changes, by the us senate on april 25, 1854, and signed by the 14th president.

oregon territory

the territory of oregion was an oragnized incorporated territory of the untied states .

Flordia territory

The territory of flordia eas an oragnized in corporated territory of the untied states that existed from march 30, 1822 until march 3 1845 when it was ammitted to the union.

Texas anexation

Was the 1845 incorporation of the republic of texas into united states of america, which was admitted to the union as the 28th state. After declaring their independence from the republic of mexico in 1836, the vast majority of texas citizens favored the annexation of the lone star republic by the untied states.
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Religous don't you want to be free with believe in want you want to then come here.

Too crowded in the place you live in? we have plenty of land and supplies!

Don't have a job because it's too busy then come here!


We have cheap land , GOLD!!!!!!!! we have sooooo much of it not even funny! Such good farming rich soil and good trade we also have cattle ranching!You can believe in what you want we have no rules on religion or how to live!

How do I get there?

You get there by train yes that's right you can ride trains the new transportation.
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start a new business!

If you move here you can do all kinds of jobs,we have gold miners, hunters, and farmers

you can also start a new business there are a lot of supplies and hard work.

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New Home

It doesn't matter if you are poor or rich you can get land for cheap!

How a territory can become a state

The area desiring statehood first petitions congress for amission. if and when congress chooses it passes an enabling act which directs the framing of a proposed state consitution.