Join the Fun in Prison!

Published by Dallas News, June 10,2010 Editor:Tyler Sun

Ready for the time of your life?

Ever had the curiosity or feeling of being in prison? Well, the moment of truth is here! First of all prison isn't what most people think of the human race... a facility full of heinous men and women. It is full of hyped and unique people that have interesting stories who ONLY wants to have fun! They end up in prison as a way of life which is happiness and peace. They do however have to pay for their own food and living expenses by working! So not so different from the outside world now is it? Nope! Not at all! The only thing different is that they exercise more of their labor rigorously than the other folks out in the streets to keep our prison lively and enjoyable. In return they have board games, television time, three meals a day, resting area, and fresh air.

How to Join!

Based on what you've perceived on from the text above, all you have to do is commit an act that you think everyone will love such as robbing someone, stealing from a convenient store or just be very violent and punch someone. Simple as that! It only takes 3 minutes to do so and boom you are in prison! The finest hotel there is on the planet.