We LOVE our Dealey Families

National Parental Involvement Day 2021

Today is National Parental Involvement Day. Here at Dealey we are so blessed to have families that are involved and support our students, staff and school in so many ways! Our teachers and staff have written some "Shout Outs" in appreciation for all that you do!

Thank you!

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Special Shout Out Edition!

Jeanne Barter all of the Dragon Wagon work and always with a smile and a laugh. You help keep our school spirit alive! Kiira Russell

April OgboenyiyaShe has been so helpful and supportive to our GT program and always checks to seee what we need. I am so grateful to have a room mom who goes above and beyond! Thank you for all you do! Mrs. Cole

Dad's Club We appreciate all the dads who commit their early morning coffee time to greeting our students and our staff! Thank you for smiling in the heat, rain, and now maybe the cold.Mrs. Cole

Mrs. Love Thank you for being one of the first to help with our 3rd grade project supplies! The students are enjoying creating and building their toys.Mrs. Cole

David Childs Thank you for the wonderfully delicious chocolates!Cindy Parrish

My Secret PalYour gifts this semester have been so great! Thank you for being thoughtful, timely and clever! Cindy Parrish

1-3G parents I appreciate all of my parents because of the hard work and support they put into helping their child to be successful throughout the year. I also love all the little things that they do for me and and give to the classroom. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!Pam Moschioni

Mr. Childs he thought to share his amazing dark chocolate bark with Dealey staff and teachers.unknown

Rebecca Currie and Emily Kaczmarczyk they consistently help keep my families in the loop on what is going on around Dealey. They are willing to help me out in any way- even small errands OR decorating pumpkins. They are positive, kind, and help me tremendously. THANK YOU for ALL you do for our class!Heather Brown

Kathy Anderson she takes time out of her busy schedule to help the children in the garden. THANK YOU!Heather Brown

The Parents in Mrs. Brown's Class THANK YOU for your constant support, kindness, and outreach. Anytime I or anyone in the class needs something, you all step in and get it done. You all are truly the best.Mrs. Brown

Andrea Montillo Volunteering to be our garden parent and have educational and engaging activities for the class during this time, taking advantage of our renewed garden space. We are really grateful for you, the students look forward this time every week. Thanks!Ms. Aponte

Shelby Zhu Volunteering in the garden with our class, making meaningful and engaging experiences for the kiddos. They look forward to this day weekly.Ms. Aponte

Jeanne Barter Dragon Wagon is a big task and she spends a lot of time working it. She is at every event, comes to school, disperses new swag, and makes it look easy breezy. I am grateful for the time and energy she devotes to Dealey every year.Leah Chander

Every single one of my parents!You send your children to school ready for the day. They walk in with a smile on their faces, a funny story to tell me, an update on their loose tooth, happiness to get breakfast, headphones on to focus on a work. They are delightful children and I am blessed to have them in my classroom!Brenda Parks

Jahna Bowers Thank you for all the years you have been my Room Parent and for helping keep me encouraged, supported and organized!Ms. Durkin

Katie Reyero Thank you for stepping up and supporting Room 103 as a Room Mom and garden parent, so grateful for your help!Ms. Durkin

Radha Daswani Thank you for helping with gardening in Room 103 and for working behind the scenes with projects and technology!Ms. Durkin

Sonya Hebert Thank you for all of your years of support of Room 103 as a family and for stepping in to help all along the way!Ms. Durkin

All Dealey Families We could not do our job without your constant encouragement and support, THANK YOU!Ms. Durkin

Ms. Durkin's Secret PalI love all of the sweet notes and things you have done and sent for me this year! Thank you!Ms. Durkin

Megan Cernoch Thank you for all of your behind the scenes help with technology for Room 103!Ms. Durkin

Sarah Diouf I had no idea I was getting a room mom this year. Sarah reached out to me at the beginning of the year and offered to help in any way (even to come in and help paint my room - which I plan to take her up on!). Thank you for being so proactive and devoting time and attention to 1st grade GT!Leah Chandler

All Daroche Parents They send their funny, kind, creative, thoughtful, and enthusiastic to my class every day.Mrs. Daroche

Katie Reyero Thanks for her enthusiasm and dedication being our garden mom. Kids look forward to garden with her every week, and I couldn't have done it without her!Judy Cho

Middle School Parents on the Dance Committee These parents have worked since the beginning of the school year coordinating fundraisers, events and activities for our middle schoolers that have missed out on so much the past couple years. You are helping to bring back a sense of community and normalcy to everyone. Thank you!Leah Chandler

Jahna Bower she is great at communicating important information with my homeroom families. She is also always ready to help me with whatever I need. I appreciate you!Katie Testut

Rebecca Currie, Lauren Waldrop, Mary Chang, Suzie Tsai, Angela Gomez, Sara Moultrie, Jahna Bower, Jeanne Barter, Rachel Bowers, Amita Hotkar, Emily Kaczmarczyk, Ally Newman Thank you all SO much for your continuous support to myself, the clinic, and the Dealey community. You are all so appreciated.Nurse Dunlap

Secret Pal Thank you so much for the thoughtful gifts. I really appreciate you taking the time to find a way to brighten my day :)Natalie Ventura

Ms. Ventura's Parents Thank you parents for everything you do for your kiddos to make them successful. Without you all they would not be where they are today. Thank you so much for your support :)Natalie Ventura

Lance Currie

His collaboration and leadership on SBDM. He seeks to understand and build bridges.Ms. Wing

Alisha Salmon Nothing is more challenging and more of a full time job then leading our PTA and nothing happens at Dealey without the support of PTA.Ms. Wing

Marnie Glaser You always ask the hard questions and keep kids at the center of all that we do.Beth Wing

Lauren Waldrop You remind us to take care of the whole person (student, staff and family) and take care of each other. You lead with solutions and ideas.Beth Wing

Will Rainey and Chad Redel Your help with carpool is without fail and so essential to how our mornings work. You are so great at greeting the kids with enthusiasm and love, and you pick up the slack when we are stretched thin.Ms. Wing

Jeanne Barter You are the master of merch! Your work with Dragon Wagon is so much and so amazing!Ms. Wing

Mrs. Newburn You support our school in so many wonderful ways. I can’t thank you enough for also being our remarkable room mom for two memorable years! Thank you for welcoming our new families, sharing important PTA information, and coordinating special events for our students!Paola Lavat

Mrs. Reyero, Mrs. Jacobs, and Mr. Ehrman How the children look forward to garden time! Thank you for creating memorable outdoor experiences for our class!
Paola Lavat

Mrs. Reyero Bless you for helping our class with the digital movable alphabet cards, cutting materials, and washing rugs!Paola Lavat

Mrs. Waldrop Thank you for collaborating with the SBDM team! Your input and involvement is making a huge impact on our school!Paola Lavat

Mrs. Newburn, Mrs. Cho, Mrs. Bower, Mrs. Jacobs, and Mrs. Reyero Thank you for your time and dedication to making Dealey an even more amazing place to learn and grow. We are so lucky to have you supporting our wonderful school!Paola Lavat

Mrs. Newburn, Mrs. Bower, and Mrs. Tsai Thank you for supporting the Dealey PTA by hosting fun social events for our families!Paola Lavat

Mr. and Mrs. Mollet Thank you for five years of supporting 1-3F! No job has been too big or small — cutting materials, creating auction masterpieces, joining us for field trips and special events, helping with parties, organizing our first Zoom party, room parent duties — you’ve been with 1-3F since my first year at Dealey and I am so grateful for your support.Paola Lavat

All Former At-Home Parent Partners Thank you for your flexibility and encouragement as we learned Zoom, Google Classroom and made Montessori virtual in the early days of the pandemic. Thank you for your presence, patience, and follow-up before and after all those Zoom lessons last year, and for helping make the transition back to the classroom seamless. We couldn’t have done it without your support.Paola Lavat

Rebecca Currie and Stephanie Buholz Always willing to help. Transporting pizzas and balloon bouquets!!!!Eryn Davila

Mr Rainey You help with carpool every single day!Caitlin Knoll

Mr. Redel Welcoming our kiddos every single day at arrival.Caitlin Knoll

Mr. Chu Helping with carpool arrival run smoothly!Mrs. Knoll

The parents of the students I teach I appreciate all of the parents of all of the students I teach because of the faith and trust they have in me to care and nurture their most precious gift in the world for a small portion of the day.Mr. Kaufmann

Stephanie and Scott Kirkham I really appreciate Scott and Stephanie Kirkham for supporting Slade's pursuit of being an active part of our Dealey Robotics teams. They are going out of their way to both volunteer as judges and setup for our inaugural Dealey Robotics event, and being a chaperone on our first field trip. This assists me as a Robotics coach, but more importantly supports Slade's future years as apart of FIRST.Cherryholmes

Tom Dwyer and Mary Coles Because they sit down with the Dwyer triplets every week and solve difficult Physics and Algebra problems every week as a family. In this family, "extra credit" = "required". Ha! Their backgrounds as engineers are pushing their students to be excellent at Science, Engineering, Math and Technology. I get weekly e-mails with pushback on some of my problems, which stirs great discussions that I feel the entire family is learning from. Moreover, Tom volunteered as a Judge at Dealey's Inaugural Qualifier which really supported the event.Cherryholmes

Rosa Rafae lShe supports Dyanne's academic success. She supports Dyanne's pursuit of Robotics by being present during setup and takedown of our recent inaugural event, and plans on being a chaperone at their girl's first meet this weekend. She's very generous and is always willing to help upon arrival.Cherryholmes

My Secret Pal My secret pal is treating me like a queen this year!! Thank you !!Cindy Parrish

Mr Rainey and Mr Redel You have a great impact on the start of the day for our children. Thank you for being there each morning and providing a positive message children need to begin a school day.Cindy Parrish

SECRET PAL PROGRAM FAMILIES Your countless gestures of consideration have impacted the lives of every teacher at this campus. I enjoy seeing the many gifts brought into our building to warm the soul of the recipient. I know we have the breakfast at the end of the year where we find out our joy giver, but I just wanted to express my gratitude to all of you now, especially mine. Every note, little snack, token of appreciation, and expression of love only helps us embrace this calling and admonishes us to keep doing what we do. I send virtual hugs to ALL of you and 10 plus to my secret pal. Thank you. We love you and appreciate all of you.Ms. Aaronda Smith

All Dealey's Parents and Caregiversyou gave me the best gift of all - - - your children's love. Thank you for sharing.Mrs. Simmons

Bowers FamilyThe Bowers are so good about sending thoughtful notes and gifts and making their teachers (even specials teachers!) feel appreciated. And most importantly, they send sweet, respectful, well behaved children to school, which is what all teachers want!Coach Elliott

Mr. Rainey Mr. Rainey walks or bikes with his kids to school every day, then does carpool duty with a positive attitude. He gives our students a smile and a great start to the day! We are SO lucky to have this family at our school!Coach Elliott

Coach Ware Coach Ware has dedicated many years and lots of energy to giving our 8th grade boys an amazing soccer experience. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to build confidence, sportsmanship, and skill in a way that only you can!The Emery Family

Middle School Families Thank you for your tremendous support of our teachers during this challenging school year! So many of you have reached out with encouragement and been so responsive to our needs and requests. You have made such a difference for our teaching team!Middle School Teachers

The Ogboenyiya They have been so sweet to me and I have really appreciated this family saying hi to me every day and making me feel welcome!Mx. Lacey

The Aldridge Family Mom and dad are always kind, and Lochlyn & Lucy are such sweet girls!Ms. Wekewa

The Dassanayake They have been so supportive and welcoming my first year. They always say hello and tell me how much they appreciate me.Mx. Lacey

All of my 1-3G parents because I can't just pick one!I appreciate all of my 1-3G families for all the extra learning I get from them through the year and years. I also appreciate all the guidance they provide to their child when they are at home to support their learning.Pam Moschioni

Lauren Waldrop Ms. Waldrop, thank you for always being there for me, your support means a lot to me. I am very thankful for you and all that you do for our Dealey Community!Ms. Winners

Ms. Jacobs Ms. Jacobs, thank you for all that you do for me and the school! i am very thankful for your kindness, and I love our conversations :-)Ms. Winners

Ms. Ogboenyiya Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing with getting communication out to the community, and your support!Ms. Winners

Ms. LeachMs. Leach, what can I say about you :-)!! You are AMAZING!! Thank you for all that you do and for your support! Ms. Winners

Lisa LeachMs. Leach supports our classroom and ensures our families stay up to date on the latest information. She is always thinking of ways to support our classroom. She is a jewel to our community and school.Alicia Warren Johnson

Ms. Salmon Ms. Salmon, thank you for your support and for always encouraging me, I appreciate you!Ms. Winners

My Secret Pal they always send the most thoughtful and fun gifts ! They seem to get all the things I love (smile).Alicia Warren Johnson

Ms. Glaser Ms. Glaser, thank you for the wonderful job you do with SBDM! We are thankful for expertise and knowledge.Ms. Winners

Ms. Livingston Ms. Livingston, thank you for your support of Dealey, and the support you give me. I am truly grateful for you!Ms. Winners

Ms. Newburn Ms. Newburn, thank you for your dedication and support of Dealey, we are grateful for you!Ms. Winners

Mr. and Mrs. Currie Mr. and Mrs. Currie, I want to thank you both for your dedication and support of Dealey! You all are AMAZING, and we are so thankful for you all!Ms. Winners

Monica Grant Monica donates her time and talent to help us gather information and problem solve. She is amazing!Ms. Wing

Ms. Warren Johnson's homeroom parents they are supportive of our classroom and use their time, energy, and resources to better our environment. They are collaborative regarding their child's education and seek the best for their student as well as the entire student body.Alicia Warren Johnson

Alaina Livingston Alaina helps out in so many ways. Right now she is chairing an SBDM subcommittee to study Upper Elementary, and she devotes so much time, thought and care into this work.Ms. Wing

Ms. McShann Thank you for your support, it means a lot to me! You have been there for me and the school, I know if I call you, you will help with whatever it is!Ms. Winners

April Ogboenyiya April is helping everywhere! Thank you for versatility in sharing your talents someone places!Ms. Wing

Jahna Bower Jahna is so thorough and clear in her care of the PTA finances. This is a HUGE job, and she does it so well.Ms. Wing

PTA Board Your work is what makes Dealey Dealey. Thank you for everything!Ms. Wing

Rebecca Currie Rebecca helps where ever she is needed, and she is great at giving feedback with solutions.Ms. Wing

Ms. Kaczmarczyk Ms. Kaczmarczyk, thank you for your love and support, it means a lot.Ms. Winners

Emily Kaczmarczyk and Taylor Jacobs they plan amazing appreciation for us, and this has an incredibly positive impact on our staff!Ms. Wing

Ms. Bowers Ms. Bowers, thank you for your dedication, and quick response with the scholarship, and reimbursement checks.Ms. Winners

Mr. and Mrs. Barron Mr. and Mrs. Barron, thank you for dedication and support, we are grateful for you both.Ms. Winners

Mr. Redel, how many ways can I say, "Thank You!!" THANK YOU, for taking time out of your mornings to greet our kids and help them out of their car! You know a lot of kids by their name and always greet them with a smile. It is the simple things like this, that leaves a lasting impression! THANK YOU!Ms. Winners

Mr. Raney, You are a TRUE example of being GREAT! THANK YOU for always being here in the mornings to greet our kids and making sure they are safe! You all came in new, and you went to work, no matter what the weather was like, you were always there to greet our kids, and for that, I say THANK YOU! You have made and will continue to make a lasting impression, and that is priceless!Ms. Winners

Ms. Neely, thank you for your support, anytime I have asked you to step in and help, you have done it, and I am truly grateful!Ms. Winners

Monica Grant, you have devoted and given SO much of your time, energy, and professional expertise to help us gather information, data, and input from all community stakeholders, so SBDM and CILT can make informed decisions about how we will live out the mission and vision of our school.