Fight Song Service Project

Miles Hardy

All In Coat Drive

Over Christmas break I did a coat drive with All In Sports Outreach. We handed out coats to people that don't have them/ can't afford them. We did this outside Brown Chapel Church (Selma, Alabama). I help with a couple of things. Most of the time I was getting coats for the other people helping to hand out. The rest of the time I was handing out hot chocolate and cookies. I also helped set up and take it down. We didn't just hand out coats we also handed out blankets. The best thing we did was teach them about Jesus. I can't wait to do this again it was fun and it made me feel good that I was making people feel good. I would recommend this to a lot of people because everyone I know has a coat they can wear when it's cold outside and we got to hand out coats to people that don't have any.

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Why Help Others?

Helping other doesn't just make them happy it makes you happy too. You may not know who you are helping but it still makes a difference. I have been in a different country and a state just to help others. I have helped teach people about different sports they were so happy. Sometimes they might not show appreciation but they do appreciate it. The reason this impacts the world is that when you help people that can change their life it also makes them happy. Some time if you help someone you spread the happiness so that can inspire someone to do the same thing. When you help can make the other persons day
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Church World Service

An organization I would consider would be the Church World Service. They help the people in poverty. They are also trying to establish peace on the earth. They seem like a great organization. I hope they are like this in real live. The reason this organization follows the fight song project objectives is because they are helping other people that don't have the same things we have.

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