Abby Woodward

Smore flyer

About Me

I will be turning 16 this summer, on July 6th. I will be a junior next school year (ahhh). I am adopted from Russia. I live with my mom and my dog, Angel. I make things out of duct tape. I am a Christian!!

Year At A Glance

This past year has been filled with many memories. I was able to participate in a group called BPA, and we went to state where we got 4th place of 34 teams. This year I was also able to be the varsity manager for our girls basketball team. In my BIM 2 class I became certified in Word, Excel, and Power Point. Through out this year i feel like i have grown in my relationship with Christ.

Dream Vacation

My dream vacation would be to go to San Diego again, the go to Hawaii, them from there go to Minnesota where the Mall of America is. I would take my mom and my best friend. In San Diego we would go to the beach and maybe make a trip to LA. Then in Hawaii we would zip line and maybe try to surf. And obviously in Minnesota we would shop...being the Mall of America. ;)


First off I would tell sophomores to pay attention in each class. Be prepared pencil, pen, paper, notes, and anything else you need. The more you pay attention the more it will help you on the lovely EOC/STAAR test. Join anything you can it can help you build more friendships. And most of all enjoy the year!


Our God is Greater - Chris Tomlin by MYSTICZ