About the College

The University of Southern California has lead the way in research since their beginning in 1880 with only 53 students enrolled. The college now has more than 43,000 students attending.


School of Business

School of Cinematic arts

School of Architecture

Roski School of Art and design

Notable Alumni


The "Traveler" was introduced in 1961 for the Trojans football team. Now "Tommy the Trojan," and "traveler" are a duo and take part in every home football game the trojans have.


The University of South California is located in Los Angeles, California.
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Basketball 2015-2016 season

The Trojans have made it into the NCAA playoffs for the 2015-2016 season. Their regular season record is 21-12, and they are the #8 seed in the tournament. The key players Consist of Jordan McLaughlin (13.4 ppg), Nikola Jovanovic (12.1 ppg), and Julian Jacobs (11.8 ppg).


I am a high school senior attending Lake Norman High School. I grew up in family of 10, and lived most of my childhood in a small mining town in eastern PA. I will soon be attending Western Carolina University in Culloweeh, North Carolina.