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Behind the Mask

When Bruce was a kid his parents were mugged and killed. He was born in Gotham and raised by his butler Alfred Pennyworth after his parents were killed. After that, he became devoted to become the world's greatest detective. He barely ever uses his gadgets when he fights. He is the most feared hero anyone has ever met. His first appearance was in Detective Comics #27 in 1939 and Justice League #1 in 2011. The police hate him. Yet he is friends with Commissioner Gordon. He has always sacrificed himself for the innocent. He has many sidekicks including Batgirl and Robin.

A Mother Gets Crazy about Buying Stuff for Her Baby

A baby is left at home because his mother is out. The mother was out at the store in New York on March 18, 2016. She is buying stuff for her baby.

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Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Star Wars the Force Unleashed is a game where you can experience the ways of the force. You will do missions that will allow you to go after jedi and you will work for your master Darth Vader. Going on an adventure on your ship with your friends, you will experience the action you will create. After completing missions, you have finished the game. After figuring out what to do, you will collect shards to change the color of your lightsaber, and you will also try find different ways to find them. They are on many different levels. Try to find as many as you can. It is fun for me to play. I love to play this game. I hope you like it too.

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favorite looney toons character

bugs-35, daffy-20, porky-5, tweety-15, granny-0, sylvester-10, road runner 10, will e.-5
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