Speech - Language Pathologist

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Speech - Language Pathologist

This career's responsibilities are to diagnose and treat those with communication disorders. They can also diagnose and treat patients with drinking, eating, or swallowing disorders.

Work Environment

Many of Speech - Language Pathologist's work in Elementary Schools, Private Daycare Facilities, also in Hospitals and Clinics.


Suggested education for a Speech - Language Pathologist is a Master of Science Pathology or a Doctor of Science Pathology.

With the qualifications to this career you can make about $72,730 each year.

($33.59 per hour

Interesting Facts

Communications disorders effect approximately 46 million Americans.

There are over 240 Speech Pathology Graduate Programs in the United States.

The growth of this career choice expected 23% from 2010 to 2020.

"Because silence isn't golden."

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