Abby Olenius

By: Mathias Gordon

Guess who is a triplet great at gymnastics and funny? You guessed it! Abby Olenius.

Early years

Once Abby was doing a front handspring front tuck she over rotated landed on her face and scorpioned she got a bunch of bruises on her legs from gymnastics she liked to play with her brothers but i'm sure her brothers couldn't even compare to her in gymnastics. In second grade she always had seizors so whenever a teacher would call on her the teacher would have to snap her out of it.

what is she famous for

She is vey famous for gymnastics, the reason she is famous for it is she is amazing at it.

Another thing she is famous for is she is the oldest triplet.

Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts about Abby Olenius. Abby likes gymnastics a lot but she likes other sports too, her favorite book is Lions of Little rock, her favorite collage is MSU, her favorite colors are any neon colors, her family members are Adam, Alex, Ethan, Kim, and Daune
And that was my story about funny, nice, friendly, active, awesome Abby Olenius!