Middle School News: September

From the desk of Mrs. Brockmon

A Message From Mrs. Brockmon...

Welcome to a new year at Bentley Middle School. We are off the a GREAT start! The students have finished the beginning of the year assessments and are already learning so much. We have two new teachers this year, Mrs. Klimaszewski and Mrs. Youness and Ms. Tomhave, supervisor of professional development and student services. We are excited for this school year and all the learning that will happen here at Bentley Middle School.

Changes at Bentley Middle School:

  • We have 7 hours this year each 52 minutes except 7th hour and it is 48 minutes
  • We have a Reading and Math Intervention class for each grade level
  • The students will be participating in Fuel Up to Play 60 our kick off is in October
  • Recess is before Lunch
  • We are striving to be a healthier school, please click on the link below to learn more about healthier schools https://parentsforhealthykids.org/
  • We no longer have Late Start Wednesdays and instead have 1/2 days:

September 21

October 19

October 31

December 14

February 15

March 15

April 19

May 11

May 19

June 13

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Meet the staff at Bentley Middle School

Top Row from left to right: Mr. Tear, Mrs. Zell, Mr. Stone, Ms Medlin, Mrs. Browning and Mr. Pyscher

Middle Row from left to right; Mrs. Frey, Mrs. Youness, Mrs. Costa, Mrs. Brockmon, Mrs. Endicott and Ms. Mona

Bottom row from left to right; Mr. Ash, Mrs. Ash, Mrs. Robinson, Miss Cooper, Miss Klimaszewski and Mrs. Corthals.

Science Update

6th Grade - Students are learning to recognize and apply the Scientific Method

7th Grade - Students are applying the Scientific Method to a lab of their creation

8th Grade - Students are reviewing the Scientific Method and designing an experiment to apply to the Scientific Method

Peace Days

Peace Days are days when the entire grade level has no write-ups, minor or major, as of September 19th the 6th grade has 8 peace days, the 7th grade has 5 peace days and the 8th grade has 89 peace days!
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Social Studies Update

6th-8th Grades - are investigating the importance of the US Constitution including its development and how it has changed over time.

Math Update

6th Grade - Students are learning about Ratios and Rates

7th Grade - Students are converting Unit Rate and using graph points on a coordinate plane

8th Grade - Students are solving linear equations in one variable and reviewing graph points on a coordinate plane

Algebra - Students are solving one, two and multi-step equations and can identify the parts of an equation

ELA Update

6th Grade - The students are learning how to be involved with their books and connect with characters

7th Grade - Students in the 7th grade are working on identifying the central idea/theme when reading literature

8th Grade - These students are analyzing two characters and determining if they agree or disagree with the characters' ideas, thoughts and feelings. They are also learning to identify a plot line in a story.

Last Call at Chez Mort

If you didn’t have the opportunity to see the production of Last Call at Chez Mort, you missed out! The mystery was amazing! Everyone did such phenomenal work, it was so impressive. Bentley Theater performers will be performing Alice in the Wonderland on November 17th & 18th

Extra class Updates

Communications 6 - Students are understanding why it is important to know where information comes from and are able to identify reliable sources

Computers 6 - Students are learning about the care and use of Chromebooks and about using Social Media responsibly

Art 7 - Students are exploring the elements and principals of Art

Health 7 - Students are learning how to identify their own different emotions and how to identify stress

Spanish 8 - Students are learning to follow written and spoken directions in Spanish. They are also learning how to give others directions in Spanish.

STEM 8 - Students are learning to use a variety of measuring tools. They are learning to measure length, mass, volume and density and use the measurements to create graphs and draw conlusions

Beginning Band - Students are learning to assemble and disassemble their instruments and how to properly hold their instruments when they are playing them.

6th, 7th and 8th Grades PE - Students taking the pacer test, fitness testing and learning to monitor his heart beat

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