The Great Depression

By:Mason Hannon


As the Great Depression was happening the USA president was Herbert Hoover and soon later was Franklin D. Roosevelt.

When president Franklin D. Roosevelt came he start making things a little better with

different deal one important one was The New Deal


Some reasons for the Great Depression was the stock market when it crashed. The reason why because when that happen every one went and tried to get all there money

but the market did not pay it's loans so there was other peoples money out of the bank.

People almost to 10,000 lost their jobs because of this


The Great Depression hit every one hard but hit SE Colorado, SW Kansas,Texas,Oklahoma, and NE New Mexico the worst because of the Dust Bowl.

The dust bowl was a huge sand storm that hit all these places.

It knocked out all of these places crops and land.

Other interesting facts

Did you know that the big music back then was Jazz?

Did you know that the great depression got it's name because it was the biggest depression USA has every had?t