Weekly Newsletter

March 17th -21st


Happy St. Patrick's Day! Rumor has it that a leprechaun has been causing mischief around DES, especially in OUR hallway! You might want to check in with your child tonight to see what happened. ;)

This Week in 123

With it being St. Patrick's Day today, we are obviously celebrating with some festivities. The rest of the week, though, we will be learning about dinosaurs. We, excuse me, us paleontologists, will be researching to find out more about dinosaurs! It seems that we already have quite a few experts in the field, but I think these scientists are up for the challenge. We will explore and research dinos all week, work on a dinosaur project with our 5th grade buddies, and then, like real paleontologists, share our findings (via our blog) with others who want to learn about dinosaurs.

In math we will be skip counting with calculators, continuing our discussion about halves, and mapping out our classroom. I am in need of some help for an on-going math activity that we will start next week, Monday, March 24th. We will be starting a class collection of buttons. Here is what I would like (in a perfect world) to happen: Each day of that week a few families will send in buttons for us to track and add to our collection. So, if you would be able to help us out that would be great! Just pick a day to send some in with your child. If for some reason it happens that no one sends some buttons in on a particular day, I will have some as a back-up plan. Please send in no more than 20 if you are able to help us out. Thanks!

In reading, we will learn a new vocabulary word, "time", start a new inquiry project, and read a new story, Pepito the Brave. We will also learn about and practice using descriptive language, and review the comprehension strategy of "making connections", or, connecting our own experiences to what we are reading. The high-frequency word down will be introduced, and we will share our inquiry projects at the end of the week.

Wrap Up

Thanks to all who came last week for conferences, it was so nice to sit and chat for a bit. And for the rest of you, see you tomorrow!

We are in need of more Clorox wipes if anyone wishes to send some in. Thanks in advance for any donations!

As always, let me know if you ever need anything, or have questions, concerns, or comments.

Your friend,

Mrs. Meinel