The Liberation of India party

Our Country is free!

You're invited!

We want to celebrate with you and everybody the independence and freedom, of our native country, India. Our purpose is to thank all the people who fought, in order to make our country a better place. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the happiness and freedom of our country, with us!

Close by, don't miss it!

Friday, Aug. 15th 1947 at 11am-1pm

Akbar Travels Of India Pvt Ltd, Saibaba Nagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

You MUST come

The purpose of our party is to thank all of the people who fought to make our country independent. We also want to dedicate this party to Gandhi, a hero who led India's struggle for independence from Great Britain. But not only do we want to celebrate our freedom, we also want to spread happiness and joy with new foods, dances and music.

Come prepared!!!!

1. Make sure you bring water to keep yourself hydrated

2. Bring money to buy whatever your eyes are attracted to, as well as coins to participate in games.

3. Comfortable shoes and clothing are great for the atmosphere of the party

4. And lastly, make sure to bring your friends and family to enjoy the party with!

Coming, or Not?

Are you ready to attend?

  • Make sure you send a letter, including your full name, the names of the people attending with you and money. Each ticket will coast 204.56 Indian Rupee ($3.00). Make sure you send this letter a week before the event!

Not able to make it? Do not worry!

  • After three days come to the location given above, we will ask for your full name and the amount of people that were going attend. A soon as this information is given we will return your money.