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Can you believe it's here? 2016 is going to be auh-mazing!

January News

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I wanted to be able to share with everyone (including those not on Facebook) what has been going on in the past month. Please email me if you have further questions.

Please take a moment to congratulate all these amazing designers for their hard work!

New Year's GOALS and SUCCESS Planning! Who's with me?

When thinking about my Origami Owl business, this is the year I want to turn my good business into GREAT! My slightly above average business into TOP 10! I was just talking to my best friend about this at lunch! I am a consistent designer averaging 1 new designers each month and roughly $1000pv. Some months I am soaring at higher averages, but some months I fall short as well. In 2016, I want to be a trend-setter! I want to see my name on that TOP list each month! Now the question is HOW am I going to get there and WHO is going to get there with me?

1) I MUST practice my vital behaviors DAILY! (Talk to at least 2 people each and every single day about Origami Owl, wear my locket EVERYWHERE I go, AND spend 15 minutes each day in personal and professional development!

2) Concentrate on my social media marketing. Post at least once a day on each page and develop more exciting and swoon-worthy posts. Specifically I am going to concentrate on 3 avenues: Facebook business page, Instagram, and Pinterest.

3) Work with the willing! I want to help support you and your Origami Owl business! If you want support, coaching, and motivation, I am here for those that ask for my assistance! Let's set up coaching calls, accountability partners and lots of collaborative training's! There is so much we can learn TOGETHER!

4) GET ON THE PHONE and call past hostesses and customers! Yep, one of the things I dislike the most, but is the most successful practice. FOLLOW-UP! And send a thank you for your time snail mail notecard after each call. Such a wonderful and personal practice to increase your local customer base!

I know that if I practice these steps with conviction my business will grow! And in 2016, I NEED my business to grow! I need to STAND on my WHY, remember my WHY, pray upon my WHY, and work my little behind off because of my WHY! If you don't know you WHY the moment you read this and it doesn't pull on those heart strings, it's time to rethink your WHY and make it bigger! More powerful! And more important!

My Why: I need to make enough money to continue to take care of my kids extra activities and our family vacations. I still work full time, so I need to work smarter not harder to achieve my results. I have moved up farther than I ever dreamed and I have loved every second it and our team we have built together. To continue with my WHY: it has evolved to be more of helping others tell their stories and showcase them to the world. I still get chills when customers tell me about their lockets. I stop strangers and ask them about their lockets. I follow up with customer who purchased lockets for gifts to make sure the recipient loved it as much as we did when we built it for them. I can't imagine life without Origami Owl and the income it has provided. Even thought this year was down, it was still more than my goal when I started. I must push forward in 2016 to make sure my kids can continue to play all the sports and do all the activities to help them grow as active boys. I want to be able to continue to provide family fun vacations for us every summer and short weekend trips throughout the year. These are my gifts back to my family for support my business.

Why do I share all this? 1) because no dream or goal is TOO BIG! 2) I need you as my accountability! I have shared it out loud and now I need to make it happen! 3) I want to be 100% real with you and I have goals and dreams too! Let's achieve our WHYs together!

Let's work 2016 like we never have before! Who is going to join me in this year of awesome?

Love, Lea

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Welcome New Designers- November- Today

Designer Mentor Start Date

Angie Bates- Lea Martin- 11/11/2015

Diane Boyd- Lea Martin- 12/13/2015

Dolores Lore- Darcy Maupin- 12/27/2016

Amy Agee- Janet Powell- 01/11/2016

Look who is moving up.......

Promotions (November- December)
Sherri Harris- Team Leader!!!

Recognition Time!!! TOP PV AND SPONSORING

Top PV- These are outstanding numbers. Great job everyone!

December Top PV
1st- Laura Clifton- $1147
2nd- Kristi Kitzmiller- $1098
3rd- Cheryl Pence- $1015

November Top PV
1st- Melanie Sands- $1512
2nd Victoria Rogers- $1507
3rd- Renee Hollis- $1497
Others above $1000PV
Sherri Harris
Rachel Russell
Lauren Kirby
Brenna Smith
Kristi Kitzmiller
Cheryl Pence
Teresa Fields
Jennifer Harr

Top Sponsoring (Total from July-December)

Heather Story- 6

Sherri Harris- 3

Melissa Jones- 3

And to help keep my self accountable

Personal PV


November -- $4122

Personal Sponsoring (July-December)
Lea Martin- 8
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SOAR Saturday- Must be at event!!!!

Melissa Jones, Director and I have planned a great day of training for your at this years regional SOAR Saturday. We are hosting the event in Elizabethtown, KY which is central part of the state in hope more people will be able to attend. When we get to 50 registrations, a nest person will attend as well. We are almost there. REGISTER TODAY.
Register at this link: http://leaslockets.eventbee.com/event?eid=109339903
Then pay your registration fee of $12 to leaslockets@gmail.com through PayQuicker or Paypal. Your fee covers lunch, handouts and doorprizes!!!! You won't wanna miss this amazing day of networking and training with other Kentucky Origami Owl designers.

Not in Kentucky- Check out this link for other SOAR Saturdays in your area.

Have you SEEN the NEWEST, AMAZING, MOST BEAUTIFUL VDAY Limited Edition Items

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Want to make money and snag some orders from Pinterest? ME TOO!

From a Director Friend of Mine----- Sharing Information!!!

I am by no means the specialist on this topic, but I am motivated to be and ASAP! Just this evening I received that wonderful surprise email, "An order has been placed on your website...." OH OH OH and order! I check it out and don't know the person! Then I go back to my email and see the SAME name is someone that just started following me on Pinterest! OMG!!! The order I received was from someone using my link that found me on Pinterest! SCORE!

For those of you totally new to Pinterest, here is what you need to do to guarantee that people will use your link to order and not someone else's if they find YOU on Pinterest!

1) Post pictures that you have saved in an Origami Owl board with YOUR website as the title! Once you add these pics, make sure and edit the post and include YOUR website as the place to find that pin! You want people to click on that picture and it hyperlinks to YOUR website to order.

2) Edit your board to include your website address and share your story with the followers.

3) Remind them to find your on Facebook and whatever other social media avenues you use.

4) Share photos straight from your website.

5) Post on a regular basis and keep the board fresh and pushing up in the feed of people following you.

6) And always add a description to each picture that is enticing and inviting!

I found some other helpful websites to read articles about maximizing your marketing on Pinterest! (And guess what? These can be read during your personal and professional development time for Vital Behaviors!)




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DOUBLE HOSTESS REWARDS! NOW through January 31, 2016!!

Yep, your heard me right!!!! And we are already in the midst of double hostess rewards, so no waiting time!! HURRY and take advantage of this first time EVER incentive and book those jewelry bars! Your hostess will earn AMAZING rewards and it's a win-win! Also remember, don't forget to book YOUR OWN Jewelry Bar to earn double rewards for YOURSELF! If you have not gotten on the phone and reached out to past customers and hostesses, get on the phone NOW and don't miss another moment to share this limited time offer! This is the perfect time to maximize your January sales and start the year off right!! And with the Valentine's Day Limited Edition jewelry available, your hostesses and customers will be swooning!