What's so Good About Uruguay?

Jesse Adkins

Major Cities to Visit

the capital of Uruguay is Montevideo [Mon-teh-vi-DAY-oh] which is located on the south shore of Uruguay and the coast of the atlantic ocean
Four major cities of uruguay are Salto, Paysando, Las piedras, and Rivera

thier history

Uruguay was once controlled by the Spanish and the Portuguese. Uruguay gained its independence on August 25, 1825. Uruguay is no longer controlled by another country and is currently independent.
Uruguay's flag is blue, white, and some yellow. there is a yellow sun in the top left corner and blue and white horizontal stripes everywhere else. Their official language is Spanish.


Uruguay is located south of brazil and west of the atlantic ocean. Uruguay is full of grassy plains, rolling hills, and beaches such as Punta Del Este.(a very well know beach)


Uruguay is a democratic republic and its leader is Tabare Vazquez.


The currency of Uruguay is called Uruguayan Peso, and the economic system is capitalism.


the architecture seems to "bring you to the era" as it is very large and in the style of the history of Uruguay. Uruguay is the official country with the nicest people. the people are very friendly and easy going. if the people of Uruguay are annoyed with tourists, they certainly do not show it. They love to show tourist their country. Also, if you love games, Uruguayans are VERY into fut-ball and other sports.