December 12th Weekly Newsletter

First Grade

Weekly Happenings

This week flew by! A couple of important papers came home with your student this week. First, we sent home a red volunteer sheet for Christmas Around the World on Thursday, December 18th. There were two time slots available for sign ups. The first "trip" will take place from 9:30-11:00. The second "trip" will be from 12:00-2:30. If you could please send your form back by Monday if you would like to volunteer it will help us in our planning. If you are planning to volunteer please make sure to sign in at the office and hen head down to our classrooms for our trip around the world!

The second paper that came home was a yellow sight word list. These are the 50 words we will test on Tuesday, December 16th. Students need to be able to read all 50 words in 2.5 minutes. Thank you for working so hard over the quarter on the weekly sight words; it will pay off on the final test! :)

Lastly, a Shull leadership team has organized a Fishes & Loaves food drive. The team is asking that you donate canned goods or non-perishables items December 15-19. The team has planned the following schedule for receiving donations: ​

Monday : canned soup

Tuesday : canned fruit

Wednesday :canned veggies

Thursday : rice,beans,cereal,noodles

Friday : tooth paste,deodorant,shampoo


Mrs. Brown:
Monday: Music
Tuesday: Leadership

Wednesday: PE
Thursday: No specials--Winter party
Friday: Music

Mrs. Kiger:
Monday: Art

Tuesday: Leadership

Wednesday: Music
Thursday: No specials-winter party

Friday: Art

Learning Targets

Math: I can solve addition and subtraction word problems within 20.

We began our unit on word problems this week. We focused on add to and take from problems. We are learning that there are always 6 steps to a word problem. To see the six steps please follow this link.

ELA: I can describe characters, setting, problem, and solution in a story.

We learned about the problem and solution in a fiction story. We also worked on finding all 4 things when we read.

ELA: I can write a personal narrative.

This week we worked hard to write endings.

Social Studies: I can compare myself to someone in a different culture.

This week we compared our culture to other cultures around the world. We focused on school, houses and food.

Behavior: I can be a "now" kid. Now kids follow directions the first time, quickly, quietly and exactly.

Sight Words and Spelling Words

Quarterly sight word test on Tuesday.

Here is a link to the 2nd quarter words:

No spelling this week.

Dates to Remember

December 19th: Half day

December 22nd-Jan 4th: Winter Break