Setting Off for Jamestown

Ask Your Children What the Voyage Must Have Been Like

Starting the 3rd Nine Weeks with a Parachute

We began our study of Jamestown today by simulating what the colonists may have felt like crammed into their ships. While I did not simulate the disease, bad food, poor hygiene or waves, I think they got the picture.

With the start of Jamestown, we said goodbye to electricity. I am pleased to report that for the second straight year, no child was lost due to horrible burns with a D-Cell battery. You will find in your child's binder today their test which must be initialed by you and returned tomorrow. In addition, their country research grades are in there as well and need the same initials from you.

Spelling Bee Smackdown

We had a truly epic battle between two students to determine who would represent our class in the school spelling bee this Friday. I had to give four extra rounds of words to the pair and even ran out of words. After 65 words, Savannah Gale won the right to represent the class by spelling 51 of the words correctly. Grayson Bergert was second with 50 words spelled correctly and is our alternate. As they both did so well, I hoped they could both represent fourth grade, but that request was denied. Congratulations to both Savannah and Grayson on an outstanding competition.