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Sparta's government and army

Sparta's government was a oligarchy. This meant that few people ran the government. Sparta had 2 kings,council of elders,and 28 citizens over 60 (present laws to an assembly).

At age 7, boys would leave their family's and train for the army. They would toughen up and at age 20 they would join the regular army. Sparta had a strong army and for combat, their expected to die in battle rather than surrender. At age 60 the would retire but still train for combat in case they need back up.

Who found Sparta and who were the Helots?

Sparta was founded by the Dorians-Greeks who invaded the Peloponnesus in the Dark age. They conquered and enslaved their neighbors. Spartans called them helots the name comes from the Greek word for "capture."

Sparta's average life

Age 7 boys would leave their families to train for war, while girls trained in sports-running, wrestling, and throwing the javelin. They kept fit to become healthy mothers. Wives lived at home while their husbands lived in the barracks. As a result, Spartan woman were freer than other Greek woman. They could own property and go where they wanted.

Sparta's Dark Age

When Sparta had a dark age there was no reading,writing,and some earthquakes happened and some people were pour. They were also in war in the dark age. They recovered from the dark age from farming which means more food and more food means more trade.


Peloponnesus is Sparta,it's connected to the rest of Greece by an isthmus,it has an peninsula,and it's located southwest of Athens.
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