News From Room 33

Week of September 26, 2016


  • September 27 : Advanced Math Quiz Multiplying whole numbers
  • October 5-7: Science Project Presentations
  • October 7: Half Day for Students
  • October 12: Picture Retake Day
  • October 13: Liger Mile @ HSE High School

News and Notes

Student Council Election

A big thank you to the six students that gave speeches and endured tough questions from their classmates to run for student council representative.

Emilie C.

David E.

Zoey K.

Cadha L.

Navi S.

The winner after a close election was Claire R.

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Liger Mile

This one mile run is open to all HSE K-6 students and will take place at HSE High School on October 13th.



We will have a quiz Tuesday on multiplication and exponents. Students should continue to practice basic math facts as we will move on to multiplication with decimals after the quiz and continue to review multiplication of larger numbers throughout the year. For the decimal unit, students will begin with multiplying by powers of 10 and then with whole numbers. We will then use models to show decimal to decimal multiplication.


We will be doing some investigations this week on the transfer of heat energy. Students will learn about conduct, convection, and radiation. Students should also be working on their long term projects. We will have some time in class for research and construction but some students may need to do some additional work at home. We will begin project presentations on Wednesday, October 5.


We will begin working on written reports for the Bicentennial celebration this week. Reports can be handwritten or typed and will be due at the end of October. Most students are still in the note-taking phase and won't be ready to begin writing yet. We will go over the guidelines and expectations for the report this week.

Here is a link to the Festival of the Harvest Moon in Lafayette coming up on October 1 and 2. It would be a great family activity and a way to connect to all of the concepts we've been discussing. Thanks to Mrs. Fisher for sharing about this terrific event.


We will continue with Junior Great Books this week as students read the story The Gold Coin by Alama Flor Ada.The story focuses on changes and students will discuss the changes of the protagonist and relate his story to their own lives. We will also model and practice asking good questions to better understand the text.

Some of our book clubs will reorganize this week as we match our groups to new fiction novels. Book clubs will continue to meet every other day. Students have time to read in class but some may choose to read the book club novel at home. Every student is expected to keep a reading journal and be prepared with questions and comments for each meeting time.

Students are finishing up their work an infographic we started on Friday. We will also continue to write narrative pieces. Our focus this week will be adding description to show both internal and external features of characters.

Lastly, we are going to try a self selected spelling list this week. Students will take some time to review their writing and highlight 10 words to practice for the week.

Peace Day Projects

Specials Schedule

· Monday: Library

· Tuesday: P.E.

· Wednesday: AMP Day

· Thursday: Art

· Friday: Music

Apps to download

Please help your child download the following apps to use in class by October 3.

Raz Kids Reading App

Ball State's Indiana App

Textbook Log-in Information

Math Textbook:

Student username: computer username or namekey (i.e. harrijef000)

Student password: hse followed by their six-digit birthdate (i.e. hse080316)

Science Textbook

Username: 6 digit luch number(student id #)

Password: Hse followed by 6 digit birthdate (Hse081416)