Soul Priorities

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"Speaking to priorities of our souls - Spiritual, Health, the Arts...Tuaca's audience LOVES HER!" – Gael Sylvia

Tuaca Kelly

"Our conversation is born from the love we bring to it in our meeting. No scripts, no rehearsals. Authentic, live, presence, you and me. Each show varies due to its uniqueness." – Tuaca Kelly

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Danielle Evans

Danielle Evans is the Director of Women's Services at Cameo House, Transitional housing for formerly incarcerated mothers with children. Cameo House promotes balanced and humane criminal justice policies that reduce incarceration and promote long-term public safety and reflects dignity and respect.

Soul Priorities

Tuesday, Jan. 7th 2014 at 10:30am

This is an online event.

Soul Priorities are the longings within each of us to experience the best in life: we want the best for our children, our loved ones and the world. Healthy food, support during challenging times and wisdom to guide us. Join us in conversations to nurture your soul.

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Tuaca Kelly

Tuaca Kelly is the Developer of The Alignment and serves as spiritual teacher, medical intuitive and master healer.

Tuaca conducts private and group sessions for individuals, families, groups, non-profit foundations and corporations. For further insight, please visit her website:

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