The Bluejay

October 2019

A message from Mrs. Teague

Fall has finally arrived and we couldn't be more excited for some cooler temperatures! It is my goal to make this year a fun and positive year packed with rigorous learning experiences that will provide our students opportunities to grow and develop as a whole child. My heart is filled each day as I make my rounds to the classrooms and see smiling faces, students engaged in learning, teachers building relationships, and leaders being developed. As we strive to become a Leader In Me Lighthouse school, I would like to take this opportunity to recommend a few books that parents and children can read.

1. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People- Stephen Covey

2. 7 Habits of Happy Kids- Sean Covey

Thank you for your willingness to partner with us in your child's educational journey.

Motor Lab

We are beyond excited to get our motor lab up and going! Last week several teachers received training from our PT Kelly on the components of the motor lab. Teachers and students are eager to start using it! Follow this link to learn more about it.

You can also visit Click on the menu for a drop down box. Be sure to check out the schools and parent links.

Stay tuned for a parent/child motor lab activity.

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Students in PK-5 are working hard to see how many Acts of Kindness they can perform. Each time they are caught being KIND, they will receive a ticket with their name on it. We will be graphing our progress on the bulletin board outside of the PK-2 office. Tickets will be randomly drawn and the student will receive a FREE admission coupon to Fritz's Adventure.

We need "Kindness" spotters. If you notice an act of kindness outside of school hours, please share the name of the student (if known) with me. You can even report acts of kindness you see at home. You can email me at

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Student Handbook

Click here for the PK-5 Student Handbook

Upcoming Dates:

October 10th: PTA Skate night at Skateland

October 14th: No School

October 15th: Clever Elementary Night at the Lady Jays Volleyball game- 6:00 p.m.

October 16th: Day on the Farm sponsored by the high school FFA

October 20-25th: Scholastic Book Fair

October 21st/22nd: Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 27th: Red Ribbon Week

October 27th: Fire Prevention Week activities

October 31st: Classroom Fall parties- 2:00 p.m.

November 1st: NO SCHOOL

Counselor's Corner- Mrs. Twigg

What does a School Counselor do?

School counselors help students with social/emotional development, academic development and career development. We do that in several ways. I spend almost half of my day in classrooms implementing classroom units and lessons. The other half of my day is spent seeing students for brief individual counseling and group counseling, working on individual student planning and collaborating with teachers and parents. Sometimes parents seek therapy outside of school. We have a therapist who comes to our school weekly to see students who need counseling beyond what a school counselor can provide. If you are interested in this service, please contact me at or 743-4810, and I can provide you with more information.

Ms. Paula's P.A.T Parenting Tips

Sleep Matters!

1. Sleep promotes growth. Growth hormone is primarily secreted during deep sleep.

2. Sleep protects the heart. Lack of sleep can cause vascular damage due to high levels of stress hormones.

3. Sleep affects weight. Research tells us tired kids (adults, too) crave higher fat foods when they are sleep deprived.

4. Sleep helps fight germs. Sleep is when bodies produce infection fighting proteins.

5. Sleep affects BEHAVIOR! Impulsive behaviors increase with sleep deprivation.

6. Appropriate amounts of sleep INCREASES attention span! Did you know sleep deprivation mirrors ADHD?

7. Sleep boosts learning. Sleep is when the brain processes learning from the day.

Appropriate sleep requirements per age:

1-3 years old: 12-14 hours

3-6 years old: 10-12 hours

7-11 years old: 10-11 hours

For more information on our FREE Parents As Teachers program, contact Paula Harvey at, or 743-4810.