About Me

By Lindsey Barnes


I am a junior here at Liberty North. I went to Liberty High school for my freshman and half of my sophomore year. I am planning to graduate early and start college next Spring.


I like to watch a lot of Netflix And in the summer I like to travel and go swimming.

Favorite Song:

I don't usually listen to music but if I had to chose a song, it would be 'Sorry' by Justin Bieber.

Sports or clubs?

Volleyball/Softball and Cupcake club

Things I did over winter break:

I usually spent all my time on Netflix or sleeping. Went to all of my family christmas parties.

Favorite quote/saying and why:

" Listen to me. The human world is a mess." - The Little Mermaid

I like this quote because it's just so true and its ironic coming from a disney movie.


I have a cat named Porkchop who is a Scottish Fold and 2 dogs named Sasha who is a Chow Chow and Moustakas ( I don't know what breed he is)

Where I want to visit:

I really want to go to Italy and see all the villages that are on cliffs and just experience their culture. ( This village is called Manarola, Italy)
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