Social Media Presentation

I posted on social media & you'll never guess what happened!

Social Media is fun, but it is important to be safe and knowledgeable!

You are invited to attend the PTA General Board Meeting on April 22nd at 6:00 in the Media Center. At the beginning of this meeting, the PTA will hold their annual Board Meeting to elect our officers for the upcoming school year.

After this meeting, all families are invited to attend a presentation called "I posted on social media and you'll never guess what happened next!" This presentation will be led by Luke Miles and Patrick McNeil. Mr. Miles is our Instructional Technology Facilitator and current Wake County Teacher of the Year. Mr. McNeil is a DRMS parent, a network and applications security expert, and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

A Social Media Guide

Tuesday, April 22nd, 6pm

10401 Durant Rd

Raleigh, NC

Luke Miles and Patrick McNeil will explore the impact of social media on our students. Mr. Miles will discuss the role social media plays in schools, the consequences of violating WCPSS acceptable use policy, and the top social media tools being used by our students today. Mr. McNeil will cover how information can be found about you online and some practical guidelines for safe and secure use of social media. Each session will last for about 30 minutes, and we will close with a Question and Answer session in the Media Center.


6:00 - PTA General Board Meeting (Media Center)

6:15 - Social Media Presentations

7:00 - Social Media Presentations

Be sure to attend each session during the 2 time slots. Mr. Miles will be in Ms. Binkley's room and Mr. McNeil will be in the Media Center. You can rotate after each session.

7:45 - Q&A Session in the Media Center