All bout meh

Cartith (McJagger) Palecek

Hobbies :-]

  • Cooking
  • Drawing
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Watching clay matthews

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I like watching sports on television.

I like watching football cause they tackle each other.

I like watching nascar cause they crash.

I like watching basketball cause they dunk.

I like watching soccer cause they fake injuries all the time.

I like watching tennis cause....actually i dont cause tennis is boring.

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My school subject.

I am very good at math.

my value

I am smart and creative.


i wiLL be a sous chef when I am older


i am music smart number smart and artistic smart.

My learning style

i learn best through groupd work and hearing and reading,.

I like Magical things

I like rainbows

I like unicorns

i like Leprechauns

i like flying horses

i like camels

holland code

sous chef.

career cluster.

three are cook, sous chef, and restaurant chef.

Job and pay.

you need to go through cooking school and it is to be a sous chef.

It pays about $29550