Freedom for a Change


David G. Burnet, speculator, lawyer, and politician, was born on April 14, 1788

Was president in the ad interim government of Texas before they held elections for president. So i believe he was a good president to the republic of texas while in its stages to be a country and would have made a good president.

The Grant that never came to be

He petitioned for a grant to bing 300 families to Texas. He gained it in December of 1862 but unfortunately before he had enough families to bring to Texas the law of April 6 cancelled it.

The unfortunate truth

Unfortunately he was never elected President of the Republic of Texas. He then fell into great debt then had to hire out his slaves and had to rent out his farm to get any income and pay for his room and board in Galveston.

He would have made a good president though through his hard work and dedication to whatever he did

By:Ryan Putnam