the nick name of new Jersey

People call new jersey the garden state because of its gardens it has

the capital of new jersey


the largest city of new Jersey

Trenton is the largest city in new jersey

the population of new Jersey

New jersey ios populer for the amout of people it has.new jersey has 8,938 million people

the new Jersey motto

Liberty and prosperity is new jersey motto

the governor

Chris christie

us governor

Bob menendez

major producers of new Jersey

eggs,dairy products,chicken,beef,veggies,barres.

Bordering sates

new York city,Pennsylvanian,bale ware

bodies of water next to new Jersey

Lake Carnegie,blue hole pond,lake shawnee


Cold winters and warm humid summers

date of admission of new Jersey

December 18,1787

the sate flower of new Jersey

The viola sororia flower is a lovely flower and it is colorful

new Jersey state tree

The state tree is the northern red oak tree so named after its red leafs

state bird

The american goldfinch is a cool bird but it is the same bird as Iowas state bird predy crazy am I write.
New Jersey State Song

a place to visit

Wild wood is a rely cool place to visit in new jersey it has a lot of cool stuff to do their are beaches, fishing, water parks, sea food, and roller coasters how cool if I were you I wood of win't their.

famous land marks

Atlantic city is awesome at night there are cool lights and it rely big. there are 3 theme parks in new jersey there is steel pier, storybook land, Gillian's wonderland how fun.

state insect

The honey bee is new jerseys sate insect if you do not no what a honey bee is it is a flying inset and it is close relatives to the wasp and ants.

a famous person from new Jersey

Kal Penn is one of new jerseys most famous person. Kal Penn is famous for being a film actor and television and a government fiction working for the president.

state animal

A horse is new jersey state animal.

state museum

New jersey has a lot of cool museums they have art museums history museums and more.
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New jersey is a bucketful state it has a lot of cool thanes to do such as clinging mountens frame lands sandy beaches big city's small towns a lot of famous people cool light hostesses parks water parks and historical people and history if i were you I wood go to new jersey.