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Amazing April

Holy Trinity Kindergarten

Dear Parents,

I hope you have a very blessed, grace-filled Easter with your family. I pray that the peace and joy of this Easter season will fill your homes and lives with the endless love that only our Savior can bestow upon us during this most holy of holidays! I look forward to the return of your children to Kindergarten on Monday, April 25th with a renewed enthusiasm and thirst for learning. It is sad for me to dwell on the fact that when we return from our Easter recess, we will be entering the last stretch of our school year.

I am truly blessed and grateful to be working with such outstanding, compassionate children and parents. The celebration of Easter always helps me to re-focus on the beautiful gifts that God has placed in my life. In addition to my family, I am so overwhelmed with the positive goodness and love I receive from my Holy Trinity friends, family and children. I thank God for letting you be such an integral part of my life!

Our Focus For This Month

April is considered another busy, reflective month in our school year, because we have a great deal to cover in academics, special events and our religious observances.

In Reading, we will be focusing on our reading and writing skills for the children to have better fluency, recognition and comprehension of the written word. Students will begin to read with a partner from leveled reading books in the classroom. Students will tell their partner the characters, setting and theme of the stories they are reading to each other.

In Writing, we will continue to refine our reading and writing skills with the use of leveled readers in the classroom and more opportunities for writing stories with sentence starters and motivational objects and props. Children, also, will be writing in their journals twice a week.

In Math, we will be finishing up our unit on probability, estimation, tally charts and graphing. We will be moving into the number facts and properties of addition and subtraction, and also some standard and non-standard measurement.

In Religion, our lessons will include reading the Bible daily, learning about the 40 days of Jesus’ life on Earth after his Resurrection, and the mission placed on us as members of the family of God.

In Social Studies, our Studies Weekly will take us into observing and studying the differences between communities, states and countries.

In science, we will be exploring the properties and similarities of plants and animals, including their differences and structural characteristics. We will also be exploring the properties that are needed for objects to sink or float. We will be conducting several experiments on these topics.

In spite of our Easter recess vacation in this month a great deal will be happening for us in Kindergarten during the month of April.

Just another normal, busy time in Kindergarten as we continue to grow our brains, fill our hearts with kind words and actions and await the joyous celebration of Jesus' Resurrection!

Uniform Reminders

* Please make sure your child is wearing the correct uniform specific for P.E. and non-P.E. days.

* Boys must wear "white" only crew socks. Socks should not be hidden inside the shoe.

* All black shoes both for boys and girls.

* Girls may wear rubber-soled Mary Janes on non-P.E. days.

* Girls may wear navy blue, forest green or white knee high socks only.

* Girls may wear black, white, navy blue or forest green tights.


* Spirit Wear "tops" may be worn on Hawk Pride days with regular uniform bottoms - No P.E. shorts!

* On Free Dress days, children must wear tennis shoes - boots, sandals, slippers are NOT allowed.

Special Dates in April

* Saturday, April 2nd - Campus Clean-Up Day (9:00 - 12:00)

* Thursday, April 7th- Stations of the Cross led by 3rd grade @11:30 in church

* Sunday, April 10th - Palm Sunday

* Wednesday, April 13th - Stations of the Cross led by 8th grade @ 11:15 in the church

Minimum Day - Noon dismissal

* Wednesday, April 13th - Sunday, April 24th - Easter Vacation - NO SCHOOL

* Sunday, April 17th - Easter Sunday

* Monday, April 25th - Morning Assembly @ 8:00 with Disciple of Christ Recognition

* Thursday, April 28th - 3rd Trimester Progress Reports

* Saturday, April 30th - 1st Eucharist @ 10:00 in church

Disciple of Christ Recognition

Congratulations to Ezekiel P., our Disciple of Christ in the month of March for showing the character trait of "integrity" by being truthful, honest, thoughtful, and understanding with his family, friends, and teachers!

The Disciple of Christ monthly character trait for April will be "curiosity". The recipient receiving that recognition will be announced in next month's Newsletter.

April Life-Time Word List

answer, anytime

awesome, became

being, beneath

best, better

during, goes

great, grow

if, life

live, lived

living, often

over, please

send, sent

sometime, supper

surprise, tried

until, very

Grateful "Wish List" Donations

I am very blessed to have so many thoughtful, generous families in Kindergarten this year! Your donations to our class from "My Wish List" have been amazing and much appreciated! Your generosity has helped with the fun things we do in Kindergarten. Thank you for your support and commitment for all that we do to enhance your child's learning experience!