Elementary school teacher

Ayanna Juarez

Role of the job

Elementary school teacher teach children from Pre K - 5th grade a variety of subjects. These subjects include math, social studies, science, and language arts. Some elementary school teach music, art, and physical education as well. The teachers create learning activities for children and different lesson plans on each subject.


The classroom is big enough for about 20 students in a classroom. Usually the classroom is decorated by whichever subject the teacher specializes in. All the students are assigned to a desk in the classroom where the teacher is nearby with her own big desk. Most of the time in elementary school classrooms there's a lot of children books and a big colorful carpet on te floor for reading time.


A person becoming a teacher must graduate high school. Then, you need to get a Bachelor's degree. Complete teacher certificate program. Complete student teaching.Pass licensing and examinations.


$54,,330 average annual salary.

High demand?

Yes. People will always need a teacher for children to have knowledge and in the route of earning an education.

Similar occupations

Middle school and highschool teacher.