How to create a Smore

Mrs. Walsh


  1. Go to, Media Center, Creation Tools
  2. Click Smore
  3. Sign Up
  4. Enter email and name
  5. Click "New Flyer"
  6. Choose Category or Blank
  7. Start adding text and images
  8. Edit or remove text, images, links, etc.
  9. When you're done, click done editing on the right hand side
  10. If you make any changes click, Save Now

Make it Yours

Change Background, Colors, and Font

On the right hand side, you can change the background, colors, and font to personalize your flyer.
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Want to share your flyer?

  1. Click, Your Flyers in the upper right hand corner
  2. Select flyer
  3. Share flyer- a box should appear at the top of your screen to e-mail out your flyer, follow those directions and voila, you're done!