October PD Sessions

Presenter: Cindy Evans, Technology Coach, SCH

October 1 - Designing Your Teacher Website to Enhance Your Classroom Environment

This workshop offers instruction for creating a Rutherford County Schools web site with approved Adobe Creative Suite applications. You will learn the basic techniques and methods for constructing a quality site by using a template provided by the school technology coach. Busy educators will leave with a great looking and functional web page. Show evidence of professionalism and improve school & community involvement creating an online instructional environment. This session is designed for new teachers or those not having a webpage.

Length of session: 2 hours

TEAM Strand: Environment

Location: 103 Lab

**This session is NOT listed in SchoolStation; you will receive a calendar invite from me.

October 16 - Using Edmodo to Motivate Students Beginning Level

Join Rutherford County School's safe and controlled Edmodo domain to communicate and deliver on-line student assignments, quizzes, and polls. Edmodo provides a safe and easy way for your class to connect and collaborate, share content, and access homework and school notices. Edmodo uses sign up codes unique to classes and school, which prevents outsiders from joining. Edmodo also integrates with Google Docs, so you will have a one log-in process.

Length of Session: Two hours

TEAM Strand: Motivating Students/Teacher Knowledge of Students and PLC

Location-103 Lab

October 20 - Using Interwrite MOBI Chalkboard to Present Instructional Content

Learn methods and strategies for using the Electronic Chalkboard. Interwrite Mobi and Workspace software gives the teacher the ability to navigate and annotate their computer wirelessly. Control your lessons from anywhere in the classroom, so you don't have to return to your computer during a lesson. Archive the learning by exporting classroom lecture screen annotations as PDF's - which can easily be shared with absent student and posted on your classroom website. You can be at a student's desk while pointing out something on the board, or write problems and make notes while standing at the back of the classroom. Use this tool to engage, motivate and inspire your students.

Length of Session: Two hours

TEAM Strand: Presenting Instructional Content

Location -103 Lab

October 22 - Compass Learning Odyssey Software to support CCSS ELA, CCSS Math, and High School Literacy in Social Studies and Science

Compass Odyssey is a robust and engaging learning management system that can be used for whole group or individual instruction, remediation, initial instruction or enrichment. Students and teachers can access Odyssey from home and school. All material is correlated to Tennessee and Common Core standards. Middle school topics cover language arts and math, including Algebra. High school covers Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Pre-Cal, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, World History, US History, Geography and English 1-4. Come see what this product can do for you and your students. Grades 6-12.

Length of Session: Two hours

Strand: CCSS ELA, CCSS Math, Grades 9-12 only-Literacy in Social Studeies and Literacy/Science/Technology

Location: 103 Lab