Help Stop World Hunger..Today!

Austin Keck & Bailey Nagel


-The average person can without food for two months, as long as they have water. It also varys due to the individual characterisitcs. Estimated 25.5 million people living in rural Mexico, 51 percent live in poverty and 18 percent live in extreme poverty. More then 82,000 children going to school have to skip breakfast because their parents can't afford it. A few other facts are majoroty of the vaculaty say kids who don't eat before and exam or test dont do their best and it affect their focus.


Food prices have sky rocketed so much peope are going into hunger and have less nuturtion. Another fact is 1 out of 8 people are undernourished in the world. It is said that in 2050 we will have 9 billion people in the world and food is going to be scarce. Most Mexian families are "foodinsecure" which means they can not meet their most basic nutritional needs for all or most of the year. Twenty million people in Mexico live on two dollars or less a day.

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