Weekly Update

December 1, 2021

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Los Altos Festival of Lights Parade

The magnificent Dartmouth Marching Band and Cheer Team performed this past Sunday to the packed streets of Los Altos at this year's Los Altos Festival of Lights Parade. Our proud students, Mr. Pwu, and a dedicated team of support families and staff paraded in perfect procession covered in a symphony of holiday lights. It felt so wonderful to be able to be back showcasing our students incredible efforts and talent.

Our HSC Supports Dartmouth In So Many Ways

Dartmouth HSC supports our teachers, staff, and students as they return to the classroom and participate in enrichment activities, clubs, sports, and more! We need your support to provide the extra funding that is needed to continue these great programs. Please consider contributing to DMS HSC. Thanks for giving!

USD School Bell Newsletter

The most recent School Bell reflects on many of the wonderful activities that are happening at Dartmouth and within our district. Dr. Andrews also offers a positive video message and reaches out to help families in need. We are so blessed to be a part of such a loving community.

Mid-Quarter Progress Reports

Parents, please help your child stay on top of their academic progress by logging into PowerSchool together to review their work to date. Preventing dips in work completion, and creating a safe setting for appropriate assessment preparation and a reduction of anxiety can be best managed with ongoing support and guidance from home. As much as our children want complete independence in navigating school, they still require our kind guidance and attention.

The Kiwanis Club Gives Back

The San Jose Kiwanis Club continues their yearly tradition of raising money for local schools by selling Christmas trees in our community. Dartmouth has benefited each year from their generous donations which have been used to by school and sporting supplies for Dartmouth students. Please help us continue their tradition of kindness by visiting their Christmas tree lot at the corner of Union and Camden.
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Giving Thanks Can Make You Happier

It is our hope that this past week was a time for relaxation, reflection, and thanks. Being thankful for the love and kindness others show us each day creates positive reactions in our bodies and brains, not to mention the positivity it creates for others. Though Thanksgiving has now past, the benefits of giving thanks is available to all. This Harvard article provides great insight into the power of being thankful.

Thanksgiving Outreach Success

Pastor Duane Sayer from San Jose Open Bible (across from Lietz Elementary) has been an incredible advocate for our community schools, programs, and families for many years. His congregation supports local families throughout the year by offering resources for food, clothing, housing, job training, and kindness. This past Thanksgiving he partnered with Kimberly Wilford from Darren Wilford Real Estate Team and provided families from Lietz, Dartmouth, Branham, Pioneer, and Gunderson with $60 gift grocery gift cards to help bring some extra joy to this holiday season. We are so grateful for their kind gestures.

Award Winning Author Visits Dartmouth

Newbery Award winning author, Jack Gantos, made a virtual visit to our Dartmouth 6th Graders this week to share his new book Writing Radar, celebrate creative writing, and motivate students to be the best brilliant writers they can be. Our students were inspired by Jack's witty style and responded enthusiastically with his plea for them to build confidence and good writing habits as they create, revise, and perfect their stories.

Turkey Trotting at Dartmouth

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Upcoming Events

12/3: Student Mid-Quarter Progress Reports on PowerSchool

12/13: Dartmouth Band Concert at Venture Church @ 7:00 pm

12/13: School Board Meeting @ 6:00 pm

12/20 to 12/31: Winter Break-No School