Hurricane Miami

The hurricane of 1926

What is a hurricane?

A hurricane is a very strong storm that is very destructive on land. A hurricane forms on the coast of Africa because of the warm waters. Then it turns into a tropical depression. The winds have to be 39 mph for it to be a tropical depression. Then it's a hurricane when the winds are over 97 mph.

Hurricane Miami

One of the biggest hurricanes in history is hurricane Miami. This hurricane was so massive, it hit four places in the same week. Hurricane Miami was very costly;over 90 billion dollars went to rebuild Miami. This hurricane was a category four according to the Staffir Simpson scale. it made landfall on September 15,1926. It was devastating;over 800 people were missing afterwards. It stopped in Miami, Florida.

Naming Hurricanes

The way the National Weather Service name hurricanes are by six lists of names. The names are listed by the alphabet on each list. Every six years they switch the lists. If the hurricane was over a category four, the name gets retired. If the name is retired, then it will not get used again. The first names ever used were girl names. Then they started using boy names in 1979.

Categories For Hurricanes

There are five categories for hurricanes. The way they categorize hurricanes is a scale. the scale is called the Staffir Simpson scale. The scale shows how bad the hurricane is or can get. If it is a category one, it is only really heavy storms. Category two, the hurricane is knocking down trees. Category three, thats when you should get somewhere safe. The other two is when the hurricane is going through three or four states at a time.

The End

That is all I know about Hurricane Miami. i will gather more about this hurricane and tell you more. Until then, Bye.