Holy Cross Thunderbolt Newsletter

December 1, 2021

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Holy Cross Catholic School guides each student in developing academic, emotional and physical excellence while spreading the Gospel message as Jesus did, since 1868.

The beauty of God be reflected in your eyes, the peace of God reside within your heart, and the love of God be the focus of your life, this day and all days. (Photo by Abbot Gary Neville)

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Release Today's Battle

We all face battles in this life. Some battles are on a smaller scale like getting your kids rushed out the door for school. Some of us battle larger wars, like illness, financial worries, and brokenness. Many of us face daily battles within our minds for worth and value.

The truth is, we all face battles in this life. Jesus himself tells us this in John 16:33 saying, " I have told you this so that you might have peace in me. In the world, you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.” We can’t take away the battles, but we do have the greatest Warrior of all-time fighting on our behalf.

So, what if we began to step out of the way when it comes to fighting our battles, and instead let God step in and fight the battle through His strength? We don’t need to put our hands in the battle, rather we can step aside and let Him take full control.

Let’s put on our armor, pick up our sword, and stand firm behind the One who holds the victory. He is the greatest defender, the greatest leader, the greatest victor, and we need to only stand beside Him and watch Him lead the fight.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your vast army. Thank you for sending your very own Son to die on the cross, so that we can become victors in these battles we face. You know all of them, the big ones, and the quiet ones we are facing in our own minds. We surrender them to you.


On The Calendar

12/3 - Walk A Thon for Water for South Sudan - morning

12/3 - Advent Penance Service - 1:00 PM

12/7 - Parents' Second Cup

12/7 - Grades 1-5 to NDA Elementary Christmas Program

12/9 - SAC Dress Down Day

12/10 - Packer Dress Day

12/10 - HC Cookie Walk - Parish Center - Doors open @ 12:30

12/11 - Polar Express 8th Grade Fundraiser

12/13-12/14 - FAST Sponsored Gingerbread House

12/16 - HCS Christmas Concert

12/17 - Adoration Following Mass

12/23 - Early Dismissal (11:30)

12/24 to 1/2/22 - Christmas Break


The Holy Cross School Students will participate in an Advent Penance Service on Friday, December 3rd at 1:00 PM.

MS Science Position

Our Middle School Science Teacher, Dawn Matheson, has served as a long-term substitute for us this fall. Mrs. Matheson will be resigning from this role as of December 23rd. She has created a new love for and understanding of science and brought hands-on learning into the classroom. Thank you to Mrs. Matheson for sharing your knowledge, love and guidance with our students.

The search for her replacement is underway and will be announced soon.

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Would You Drink This Water?

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Our Walk-A-Thon is THIS Friday, December 3, 2021. The walk will begin at 9:30 with PK/K classes. Please consider joining us as we recall our blessings, empathize with those who face the daily struggle and dangers of water scarcity and focus on the fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

2022 Catholic Schools Week TShirts Available

This T-shirt was designed by an 8th-grade student and is available for purchase to spread our Catholic School pride. Purchasing this shirt allows students/staff to wear it any time during Catholic Schools Week (January 31-February 4) and on Spirit Day Tuesdays throughout the rest of the year. Additionally, every t-shirt purchased includes 2 Choice Dress Passes that can be used through June 2, 2022.
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As an Advent gift for our staff, parish members and families, Holy Cross would like to present Formed.org.

This resource offers a plethora of movies, audiobooks, podcasts and materials that promote Catholic Teachings for all ages. Use this in your lessons, for personal meditation and reflection. We have a one-year subscription. Check it out here: https://leaders.formed.org/pathway-religious-ed-and-schools/

You will need to sign up under our school at:


type in the zip code 54311

put in your name and email address.

You will receive an email confirmation then, you are in!

Enjoy, spread the word and share with others.

Let Him love you!

This gift was made possible by funding from The Catholic Foundation.

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2021 Gingerbread House

December 13, 14, &15


During the year, our shopping elves find all sorts of wonderful gifts at low, low prices. Then we set up a store in the school library where the kids can shop for Christmas gifts. We even wrap the presents.

A LOT of help is needed by parent volunteers:

  • We will need help setting up on the weekend before the GBH opens

  • Shopping and wrapping with the children in the Gingerbread House

  • Takedown on December 15 at shop closing time

  • Sign up to help can be found on our Signup genius at:



1. Fill out your child’s full name and grade.

2. Provide a list of who each child is shopping for and optional idea see page attached.

For example:

Sister (their name) (age 8) – likes hair ties, loves purple, likes owls

Brother (their name) (age 12) – likes Packers, fish, and to read

Mom – likes to run, coffee

Dad – likes gloves, needs neckties, likes basketball

3. Fill out the Total Dollar Amount Enclosed for each Child.

Each child needs his/her own slip.

4. Return the permission slip and cash or check payable to GRACE

to the school office. One check per family is okay.

5. Change will be given to each child in an envelope and sent

home in their shopping bag.

6. The gifts will come home with your child, wrapped and labeled.

Please consider helping this year. It is a lot of fun. Reach out to Betha Mackey, FAST President, at bethabeeg@gmail.com or via text at (920)634-6889.

Keeping Us Safe Together And Reducing The Spread - Please Note Changes To HCS COVID Site Plan:

Please remember that if your child is exhibiting any symptoms related to COVID-19, including sniffles, cough, stomach ache, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. he/she should stay home. We ask that those who are ill with any COVID symptoms consider testing by a recognized medical provider regardless of the individual's vaccine status prior to his/her return. This has helped us to minimize the spread of the virus here at Holy Cross. Short-term quarantines are proving effective in reducing the spread as well. Frequent reviews and updates to our Holy Cross COVID Site Plan are monitored and provided as necessary. Thank you for your cooperation and diligence!

Kim Connelly - GRACE Contact Tracing Nurse

Kim is a dedicated health care professional with over 20 years of nursing experience including care of children in clinical, camp, and school settings. Kim has her B.S. in Nursing from Marian University and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) in Integrative Health and Healing through the University of Minnesota.

Her part-time nurse role for GRACE will be to assist with contact tracing and alleviate the burden of this important task for our principals and front offices. Her current work at Holy Cross will also expand to serve additional GRACE schools in the future.

Kim's work hours will be 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Monday through Thursday and by appointment/as scheduled on Fridays.

Kim is already familiar with our GRACE community as a parent, and we are pleased to have her join us to share her expertise as we continue to work earnestly to maintain in-person learning in a safe and healthy environment for our students.

Welcome, Nurse Connelly!

Sharing Stone Soup

Kinder Gratitude

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Seventh Grade Thankful Prayer

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8th Grade Prepares For Christmas


We still have used lockers for sale.

  • 26 tan lockers (12" wide, 15" deep, 60" high)
  • 34 blue lockers (12" wide, 12" deep, 60" high)

We offer these at $150/bank of 3 to Holy Cross School and Parish Families but these need to be removed before this Sunday, December 6th. You would need to bring your own tools to remove with your own crew. These lockers are on the second floor and please remember - the building does not have an elevator. If you are interested, please email Mrs. Peterson to coordinate or get more info.


We have new lockers ordered for the elementary wing that will suit our students' needs just right. The original lockers that we received were the incorrect order, however, we are able to keep these at no cost. We will be installing these lockers in our middle school. Therefore, we need help removing the used lockers, carrying these new lockers up to the second level and installing the new lockers for student use.

Our project will take place this Sunday (12/5) starting at 8AM. If you or someone you know could donate some time and muscle - we would be so grateful! Lunch and beverages will be provided. Please reach out to Jaris Briski if you can help or want more details: 920-366-5200.

Thank you for helping to make a difference here at Holy Cross!