welcome in year one

it is going to be an amazing year

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Dear Parents,
My name is menna and i shall be your child's teacher this year. i would like to welcome all of you in my website and i am going to tell you how to make use of it ?

an amazing way of communication !

a website is an easier way to communicate and share with you what is going on in your child's school day. in addition too, you can use it as a way of reinforcing what has been thought in the school.

parent's area

in this page you will have many information that keep you updating with our work in the school. also it will provide you with information about home reinforcement.


here also i will attach many photos and videos about our activities during the school day which documented everything that your child learn !

home reinforcment

kindly help your child to practice at home what he/she has been leaned by checking the children's area that have many links related to our lesson and increase their information about each subject in our curriculum.

let's work together to increase your child's potential !

please check the website in regular base and if you need to know any information feel free to send me an email, leave a comment here in this page and write it in your child's communication's book.