Tech Tip Tuesday Edition 41

MSD 25 Instructional Technology 2022-2023

Getting Started with Learning Ally Audiobooks

Learning Ally has been purchased by the technology department for teachers to use with students who are struggling readers. This tool will be available to teachers and students for the next four years. It is a library of audiobooks and the books can be easily assigned to students. In this video, I walk through the steps and options for students to use Learning Ally with an app on their Chromebook. Once students get logged into Learning Ally initially through the website, they should be able to use their email and password to log-in through the app. The app should keep students logged in. I will be providing future videos on more ways to easily use Learning Ally with students, but I wanted to bring you all this video to get you started and to hopefully make it easier to use with your students. As always, if you need me to come to your class to help you get started using Learning Ally with your students, feel free email me at or call me using ext. 21088. Click on the button below or on the image above to view the video.

Free PD Opportunities from EVERFI

Did you know that in addition to free digital resources, you also have access to free PD from EVERFI?

You heard that right! Check out two of the upcoming webinars with experts who will share pro tips for using EVERFI with Pear Deck, plus strategies for navigating common digital dilemmas. We'll send you a 1-hour PD certificate for every session you attend (even on-demand!). Click on the image to the left to view the PD calendar from EVERFI. If you are looking to apply the PD to our technology PD, consider choosing Learning Pathway #3 and use the tools presented to you by EVERFI. More information about the technology PD is available at the end of this Tech Tip.

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