supreme court cases and justices

By Nile Hundley

Roe v Wade 1973

Issue- a woman lied about why she was having an abortion

The rights involved- 14th amendment and the 9th amendment

Impact- this was a liberal decision that allowed her to have an abortion based on the fact that under the constitution that it is a right to be able to have an abortion and the right of privacy

Historical significance- it made American able to have an abortion legal until viability, able to live outside the womb.

United States v Windsor 2013

Issue-gay marriage

The rights involved- Defense of Marriage act, 15th amendment

Impact- it made so that same sex marriages had to be recognized and treated the same way as a heterosexual relationship.

Historical significance- it raised the huge debate whether abortion should be legal to this very day.

Mitchell v. Helms 2000

Issue- a private school was tried for using public funding to buy education equipment for religous purposes.

The rights involved- The Education Consolidation and Improvement Act of 1981

Impact- it made it so that private schools can use public funding for instructional equipment even for religious purposes

Historical significance- it allowed private schools around the country to use public funds to pay for instructional purposes

Hollingsworth v Perry 2013

Issue- a trial on whether same sex marriage is legal in california

The rights involved- 14 amendment, due process and equal protection

Impact- gave people the right to have same sex marriage in California

Historical significance- California sex marriage resumed

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

She is a strong liberal on the supreme court and I believe that she is most likely going to retire. I honestly believe that because she is becoming old. She is 82 years old and i believe she is going to retire. If she left it would be more of a conservative judicial system

Steven Breyer

He is 74 and he had a medical injury that made him have his shoulder replaced. I believe hes getting tired and that he doesn't want to do it anymore. If he left it would be more of a conservative judicial system


Culture wars are the societal fights that we have with big issues like abortion, same-sex marriage, etc. We fight over them in court and try to recruit troops from this war. From kids(Rachael) to young adults, trying to persuade them to join there side. Its not only a political war but, an moral war, figuring out whats right or wrong.